The Rogue Artist Series


The Rogue Artist’s Survival Guide By Rafi Perez has launched! An undisciplined and honest approach to demystify what it actually means to be a full-time artist. This campaign is currently on Indiegogo with the opportunity to Pre-Order for a reduced rate. Book will be released in late December. Find out more by clicking on the images below.


My book is an undisciplined, story-centric, off-beat, and honest approach to demystify what it takes to become a full-time artist. It is designed to help you navigate the clusterfudge that is the art world. A decade ago, there was no guidebook to lead me away from the overcrowded and overly pompous art market towards success. This book is all about blazing your own trail and creating your career as an artist, instead of waiting around to be discovered. (Pre Order Release Date) December 2, 2019.

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