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Hi, I'm artist Rafi Perez! This is where you can read my rambles about being an artist, love, life, and the pursuit of happiness.

A Few Thoughts On Impostor Syndrome

I’ve been a creative human for as long as I can remember, and a full time creative for about a decade now. Recently, and many times throughout the years, Rafi and I have talked about impostor syndrome. You know it? The feeling like, even though you’re passionate, authentic, dedicated to your creative endeavors, and growing […]


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Artist Rafi Perez
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Hi, we are Rafi and Klee. We are full time creatives who make art, music, YouTube videos, podcasts, books, and any other random thing we could think of… like blogs, we make those too! We spend most of our time in our art studio which is our creative playground. We love talking about random things and are fascinated by humans and human behavior. This blog is mostly our individual exploration of the world, human emotions, behavior, and random thoughts. This blog is about our love of this amazing thing called life and sharing our favorite thoughts and rambles with you!

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