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Series: The Rogue Artist Series (Book 2 Companion)
Paperback: (?) pages, Cover Color, Interior B/W
Publisher: Rafi & Klee Studios (January 30th, 2021)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.6 x 9 inches
Shipping Weight: 1 pound

This listing is for the workbook that goes with The Rogue Artist’s Guide To Marketing And Money. 

Market Your Art Like A Rogue Artist

Don’t follow the cookie-cutter courses that most art marketing “mentors” love to pawn off on artists who are desperate to understand marketing. This book is going to go against the grain of most typical artist marketing courses. I am going to defy the standard and go rogue and hopefully show you that marketing is not this mysterious thing that is beyond your understanding. My hope is that by the end of reading this book you will find that the most powerful, one of a kind, and creative marketing can be fun and part of your unique creative journey.

Why Crowdfunding?

To be honest with you, I went back and forth with this decision for some time. This book isn’t aimed at the mass market – it’s aimed at a specific type of person: the kind of person that wants to be inspired to blaze their own trail and embrace their creative wild side.

We have a following on YouTube, our blog, and podcast, that listens to me ramble on about life and being a full-time creative, and this book is written with those rabble-rousers in mind. I think a traditional publishing house would be confused by the content which is not the traditional art career crap you find at the bookstore.

I want to achieve my vision for the book with as much creative control over the final product as possible. This means that I need your help to make the physical product a reality. The project goal will cover the initial print run, and enable me to place a well-produced, exclusive crowd-funded edition of The Rogue Artist’s: Survival Guide in your hands… you rabble-rouser you.

Individual Items are:

Ebook Digital Download – A PDF Digital Copy Of My Book. (Will also be available on Kindle when released)

Audiobook Mp3 Download  – A Digital Download Audio Copy Of My Book Read By The Author. (Will be available on Audible when released)

Rogue Marketing & Money Handbook – A companion workbook journal that can be used with the book. – A PDF Digital Copy and softcover will be available as well.

The Rogue Artist’s Guide To Rogue Marketing And Money – Paperback Book – Signed Black and White Paperback (Softcover).

Limited Edition Hard Cover – Full-Color Hardcover Limited Edition Copy Of My Book. There will be a limited supply available.

The Rogue Artist Series of Books – 2 Signed Paperback (Softcover) Copy Of My Books and the Companion book.

Book Club Meeting – You will receive 4 signed Paperback copies of my book (made out to the recipients of book club).

All signed shipped items will include bookmarks, cards, posters, and other fun materials.


What I Need & What You’ll Get

This book will be published via self-publishing through Rafi And Klee Studios. I set up the pre-order tiers to help cover the costs for publishing my book. Money raised will go towards the following:

Publishing All Books – I have calculated the lowest possible price for advanced pre-order sales which need to be ordered in bulk along with shipping cost from the printer and to the recipient.

An Editor – I will work with to revise and publish my manuscript for the draft book.  (Pre Order Release Date) January 2nd, 2020, or earlier.

The Cover Design Of My Book – I’ll be designing something based on the design in the mockup, and consulting with a professional book artist. Ultimately, I’ll be designing this mostly myself, so the cost won’t be great, but I need advice from a professional.

The Layout Design for the interior of my book (Physical Copy, Ebook Formats)

Copyediting For My Book – to help polish the grammar (which I really need) and spelling prior to publication, and to help make the book more interesting.

Organizing And Structuring My Book – I’ll need time to finish the final draft once changes are made and new sections are added. I will need the time, and additional finances will help me take a break from the studio and focus on the book and meet all my deadlines.

Proofing – I’ll be going back and forth with the printer and ordering several proofs.

The Launch & Promotion Efforts For My Book – when I ultimately published in the winter.

Designing And Ordering Insert Materials – For all the additional digital cards and fun materials that will be included with your book.

Packaging Materials – In order to ship everything out in time, I’ll have to preorder boxes and other packaging materials that can only be purchased in bulk.

I am also offering some exclusive rewards for people who pre-order my book via this campaign:

You will receive a personally signed copy of my book when I publish an early release on January 2nd.

A personal, handwritten thank you note for pre-ordering my book.

Your Name will appear in a Special Acknowledgements section of my book (“with Special Thanks To”).

Early access to the introduction of my book and my entire manuscript, with the opportunity to review it and give me early feedback, before the official release date in January.

I will keep you up to date on the process at least once a week up until the early release of the book. I will stay in touch after the book release if you would like.

The opportunity to help give me feedback and be involved in selecting poster designs.

Risks & Challenges

The biggest challenge with publishing a book is finding the time to organize, rewrite, and finish drafts.  It will be the back and forth between the copywriters, printer, editors and myself that will take the most time, effort, and money. I am hoping that we get enough pre-orders to give me the finances I need to be able to use that time and additional expense budget to work through any problems that may arise.

Mailing the books on time will also be paramount and brings with it all kinds of challenges. I have eliminated this risk by building into the campaign the packaging and shipping costs of your signed copies to you within each pre-order tier.

The risk of delivering the pre-sale copies of my book is contingent on the printer we use. I will be working closely with them to make sure we get the earliest possible ship date of the signed book copy to you. The plan is to have the books in my hands no later than January 29th, Klee and I will sign them and package and they should all ship out the following week.

I will keep you up-to-date as my book hits each key milestone and publishes. You will know when the copies of my book you pre-ordered are expected to ship ahead of time.

If I do not reach my goal, I will continue with the pre-release launch on for the physical copy of the books, but the audiobook may be pushed back to March.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

Please Share my Pre-sale Campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with your friends, family, and network. Please use #therogueartist and tag me (@rafiwashere)

You can easily share my Pre-Sale Campaign Page via Indiegogo at the top of the page.

Please share my book with 5 friends, family members, or co-workers who you think would enjoy it. Please do this as a text message or direct message on social media.

Thank you so much for all of your love and support!

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