Rafi and Klee Welcome You!

Welcome to the wondrous realm of creativity, where the whimsical minds of Award-Winning Contemporary Artist Rafi Perez and Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire Klee Angelie converge in an explosion of artistic marvels! Buckle up, because you’re about to embark on a journey through a kaleidoscope of imagination and innovation.

This is the creative playground and official online place where we share all of our creative projects such as art, jewelry, sculpture, music, books, podcasts, videos, comics, and anything else that our little hearts desire. We hope to inspire a smile as you navigate through our site. You can visit our online shop section for our art and jewelry, find more information about us, motivational and inspirational content, blogs, special events, projects, and more. Have fun!

Rafi And Klee

“As artists, our job is to see the light in the world, for without light there is no color. Without color, life would be dismal. In essence, we guard against the dim reality of a world living in darkness.” -#Rafiwashere #artistlife #rogueartist

Our Creations From The Playground:

NEWEST Contemporary Hand Crafted Art And Jewelry

This And Next Month’s Birthstone Jewelry: