Put It On Layaway

Imagine this: You’ve been looking for a new work of art or piece of jewelry from Rafi and Klee, and you find something you love—but you’re not ready to immediately pay the total price to cover the cost. Now you have the option to put it on Lay-Away. Lay-Away is an option to hold the item and let you pay for it over time.

Over the years, we have had people ask us if they can pay for something over time, and we never had a system that allowed it. Now we do!

Why Are We Offering Lay-Away?

  • We wanted to give our peeps a way to split up payments on something without having to pay interest. 
  • There are alternatives to layaway plans—like credit cards and buy now, pay later loans. However, we wanted to offer something in-house, with zero interest or hidden fees.

What Is Layaway?

Layaway allows a customer to put a deposit on an item in our store that we then put on hold in our gallery. The customer makes installment payments on it over time and will have it shipped to them once the balance has been paid in full. 

Layaway Frequently Asked Questions

Is Layaway available to everyone?

Unfortunately, at this time, layaway is not available to all countries outside of the United States. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to see if it is available to you.

What if an item isn’t marked available for Layaway?

If you would like to put something on Layaway, contact us before you purchase, and we may be able to make it available. Some items will not have that option.

Do you perform a credit check before I put an item on Layaway?

No, reserving items on Layaway does not require a credit check. We hold on to them until you have paid the item off, so there is no credit check required.

Do you report to a credit agency if I miss or am late with a Layaway payment?

No. However, we do ask that you let us know ahead of time if there is an issue with payment.

What items are eligible for purchase with Layaway?

Certain items will not be available. Contact us to know if the item you are interested in is available for lay-away.

Where can I find the option for Layaway?

Above the “Add To Cart” you’ll find an option to pay in full or pay a deposit.

Can I purchase items on sale with Layaway?

Yes. Any deals or discounts you see in the price are locked in when you place your Layaway order. Once the Layaway order is placed, the price on your item(s) will not change.

When will Layaway be available?

The Layaway program is available year-round, including holidays.

How do I make a purchase with Layaway?

When you go to an item in our shop, above the “Add To Cart” you’ll find an option to pay in full or pay a deposit. Click on the Pay Deposit button and see your options for Layaway. If you do not see this option, contact us if you are interested in putting the item on Layaway.

You will be charged 10%-20% of the total cost at checkout, plus taxes (if applicable) and shipping. The remaining balance is automatically charged every month in equal payments over the course of the option you choose (5-10 Months). You can pay off your item(s) early for quicker delivery at any time by going to My Account page.

How do the payments work for Layaway?

• Pay 10% – 20% (Depending on the plan you pick) of the total cost today to reserve your items and lock in the price.

• The remaining 4-9 payments are automatically charged every month.

• Taxes and shipping fees (if any) will be charged with your first payment.

You can manage your Layaway plan through your My Account page. You can update your payment method, pay the next scheduled payment early, settle overdue payments, and pay off the remaining balance anytime for earlier delivery. 

What happens if I miss a scheduled payment?

If payment fails, we will notify you via email and alert you. If payment is not received before the next scheduled payment, we may automatically cancel the Layaway plan for that item. If the outstanding balance is paid prior to the next scheduled payment, the plan will become current and additional purchases can be made with Layaway. Please let us know ahead of time if you run into any problems and can’t make a payment.

Can I change my payment date?

At this time, payments are due the same day of the month of purchase.

What if the price changes on my product while I am paying it off?

The price at which you reserved the item is locked for the duration of your Layaway plan.

Can I extend my Layaway plan?

No, all Layaway orders must be paid in full within the 10 Month Layaway period.

Can I pay off my Layaway plan early?


When is the last day I can start a Layaway plan to get my item before December 25th?

As long as the final payment is sent by the first week of December, you items should ship in time for December 25th.

Can I make payments on my Layaway plan in person?

Yes. If you are in the area and would like to pay it off in person, contact us.

How are my payments calculated?

Your Layaway payments are calculated by dividing the total price of the item, excluding tax and shipping fees, into 10 payments. The first payment reserves your item and starts your Layaway plan.

How does shipping work with Layaway?

Standard shipping costs apply and will be charged with the first payment. Please check the shipping address before the final payment. As soon as we receive that last payment, we will be shipping the item(s) out.

Why is Layaway not available for my address?

We currently do not offer Layaway outside of the US.

How long will it take me to receive the item(s) once I finish paying for it?

As soon as your final payment is received, we will prepare your new art or jewelry for shipment and provide you with the tracking number using the shipping option you selected when placing the Layaway order.

If it is a commission with a pre-set date of completion agreed upon by the buyer, it will ship on that date.

Can I return items purchased through Layaway after I receive them?

Please refer to our Refunds and Returns Policy.

Is Rafi And Klee Layaway really free?

Yes. There are no interest charges, late fees, sign-up fees, service charges, cancellation fees, or restocking fees for using this payment option.

What if I cannot pay my Layaway?

We ask that you do not sign up for a Layaway unless you have the means to purchase the item. However, we understand that things happen. We started this program because we wanted to offer an easy way for people to set something aside without hidden fees or interest charges. If you are having problems making your payment, please contact us ahead of time.

What if I want to cancel my Layaway? Do I get a refund?

Again, We ask that you do not sign up for a Layaway unless you have the means to purchase the item. However, we understand that things happen. Under most circumstances, you’ll get your money back if you cancel the layaway, and there is no service or cancellation fee. However, we will subtract bank transaction fees if applicable. Please contact us if you wish to cancel your layaway.

The deposit will be subtracted from the refund for made-to-order items.

The agreed-upon deposit will be subtracted from the refund for commissions.