The Rogue Artist’s Survival Guide – With Bookmark & Poster – Signed Copy

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The Rogue Artist Series For Bad Ass Rogue Artists




Series: The Rogue Artist Series (Book 1)
Paperback: 269 pages, Cover Color, Interior B/W
Publisher: Rafi & Klee Studios (March 26, 2020)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1734394900
ISBN-13: 978-1734394900
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.6 x 9 inches
Shipping Weight: 1 pound

Story of My Book

The Rogue Artist’s: Survival Guide is meant to challenge the perspective and story of the starving artist, build confidence in your ability to promote yourself and your art, and to build trust in your own unique way of approaching your career as an artist… and human. I intertwined my amusing art career journey with the stories of other creative mavericks who inspired me to pave my own way. I talk about all the harebrained ideas that worked despite the naysayers. I share with you real stories of failure, mistakes, wins, successes, and all the things that lead us from having nothing to being able to hang out in a studio in our pajamas all day. I’ll talk about all the rules in the art world and how I broke them in order to succeed. I offer down to earth, authentic, fun and simple advice, which can sometimes be a little hard to hear but may fire you up.

This is the first book in a series of books on how to live life as a successful rogue in the art world.

Who Am I?

My name is Rafi Perez and I am the author of The Rogue Artist’s: Survival Guide. I wrote this book because I had always been obsessed with living as a creative, but spent the majority of my life avoiding it because I was too afraid to fail at something I loved. After having spent 12 years in the “comfort” of the corporate world, I left and ventured on a creative journey that pushed me beyond what I thought was possible. I started with absolutely nothing to my name, and over the course of a decade, I have built an amazing life as a full-time creative.

I have spent the last ten years collecting notes, documenting the process, testing out different theories, challenging the status quo, learning rules and breaking them in order to create myself as a full-time artist who runs his own studio and lives life by his own rules. These books are a collection of that experience thus far. Starting with the Survival Guide, this book has a little bit of everything from my journey into creativity.

My hope is that, in reading this book, you will understand how to grow your personal creative brand as an artist while still having fun. I hope to instill the same passion and excitement that I have for life and being a creative human in this modern world full of opportunities. Ultimately I want you to see this book as a tool or guide to help you understand how to grab the machete and cut your own trail through the dense forest that is the artist’s life. I also want to secretly inspire you to blaze your own trail as brightly as any awesome human can… and if you’re not into that, I want you to enjoy the fun stories, cliff hangers, ridiculous situations, and all-out creative conundrums that fill the pages of this book.

In this book, you’ll learn that the advice of most “experts” in the art world is crap and outdated… Luckily I’m not an expert, so who knows what kind of crazy shit is going to come out of my mouth. I will, however, point out several rules from people in the art world and layout the flaws in their thinking and philosophy. The other thing I will touch on throughout this book is the power of having the right mindset in approaching potentially disastrous situations or circumstances as you traverse your creative journey into the unknown. I will also talk about dealing with the naysayers who lurk in dark corners… or your house.

You will love this book if you are a casual hobbyist, a fine artist, a musician, a creative, an artist looking to up their game, or you are simply a human who breathes air. Especially if you are curious about ways to venture out and do your own thing in life. The Rogue Artist: Survival Guide is a non-fiction book that speaks to rebels, non-conformists, artists, creative humans, and content creators who are looking at growing their ability to pursue their dreams and make them a reality… their own way.



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19 reviews for The Rogue Artist’s Survival Guide – With Bookmark & Poster – Signed Copy

  1. Anonymous (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    Exceeded expectations!

  2. Kyrie Hubbard (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    The book is amazing and so are you 💗

  3. Shelly Durham (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    I love your book!! Can’t wait for the next one! Thank you for all you both do!!

  4. Deborah B. (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    When i received your book Rafi, i tore the paper and the box opened like a 5year old opening a birthday present!
    I am not finished yet but so far it is great! No preaching and fun to read just like you are talking to me! I Love your rants!
    You and Klee are the perfect team too!

  5. Katelyn B. (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    Just got the book today!! I have only read a little of it so far and I can already tell it is going to be awesome, just as I expected! Thank you for writing this book! 🙂

  6. LUCY JONES (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    Rafi and KLEE are AWESOME! Sent my book in a timely matter and I love it!

  7. Mark (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    Wonderful book. My wife loves your YouTube videos and asked me to get the book.

  8. Hanna (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    Amazing book with helpful, realistic advice and charming wit. Everyone that breathes could benefit from diving into this!

  9. Matt Thomas (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    I just received the book, perused the inside and can’t wait to dig in. Looks like some great information and a free bookmark. Oh, and AWESOME!!!

  10. Andrea Hume (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    I am about 2/3 through this book. I love it! Rafi’s writing is down-to-earth, no holds-barred, and raw. He tells it like it is. The valuable information in this book is told in a way that is similar to having a drink and an honest conversation about the ups and downs of the career of the Rogue Artist. I definitely recommend this book. It will change your entire outlook on life and art.

  11. Teresa J Guthrie (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    Enjoying the book and love that it is a easy and entertaining read.

  12. Valerie Grimes (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    The composition is excellent, good tips and I especially like the ripped out sheet of papers in print 👍😉

    • Artist Rafi Perez (store manager)


  13. Anonymous (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    I love it!

  14. Cathy W. (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    I JUST got the book yesterday. It’s beautiful. I am only a few pages in, but I will say I usually never read the prologue/preface sections but Rafi’s preface was great. I play in clay and I cook; before I found Rafi’s Rambles I thought I needed special advice, but now I realize that artists are artists, regardless of your medium. I relate to his videos and they do translate over perfectly!
    Highly recommend.

  15. Susan Treibs (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    Reading the first few pages and love it. Thanks for writing it. I really needed to hear what you have to say. I am starting to do art midlife, after being laid off and not finding work. Have yet to sell, or put any up for sale. I am trying many things to find what I like.

  16. Wesli Confer (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    Got my book, The Rogue Artist survival guide and can not wait to dig in! Love all the illustrations already. I see it in my work space always to keep me motivated! Thank you Rafi for all the encouragement and straight forward advice. You are AWESOME!

  17. Elizabeth Lazo (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    The book is GREAT! I don’t want to put it down, every page is a piece of art that makes you feel good about yourself and all that you create. Thanks Rafi, you are awesome and Klee for helping you be creative.

  18. Judith G. (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    Love what I’ve read so far! Looking forward to having time to sit down and read the book cover to cover. Wonderful customer service, emails at every point in the process of ordering and receiving this today. A special book written by a special person!!! Oh and Rafi happens to be married to a very special person, Klee and she makes beautiful jewelry!

  19. Laura King (Rafi And Klee Studios)

    So glad to have this book and can’t wait to read it over and over, cover to cover! Grateful to Rafi for taking time and care to reprint the several books that were damaged and send me an excellent product fully intact along with extra goodies! Well worth the wait. Rafi and Klee, you are full of wonderful advice, insights, tips and everpresent moral support. This is a book for all creatives – so, for everyone!

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