More Info About Rafi Was Here Studios


Rafi Was Here Studios is the creative playground for Award Winning Contemporary Artist Rafi Perez and Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire Klee Angelie. The Studio began business in early 2012 bringing art and jewelry to the awesome people of Pensacola FL, and expanding internationally since.


Although Rafi and Klee have been creating art their whole lives it wasn’t until 2012 that they made it available to the public. They have been nonstop ever since.


Forged in the fiery hot sun of the open road, the bitter cold of Chicago snowstorms and the sticky wild swamplands of the Florida Everglades, Rafi Was Here Studios brings its contemporary brand of Art and Jewelry to delight and amaze you. IMG_8603

Not to mention, Rafi and Klee are pretty awesome and easy to get along with.


(in 2016 they changed the name to Rafi And Klee Studio)

Watch the video below to meet them 🙂