Commission Rafi And Klee

Currently residing in more than 100 public and private collections and worn by countless humans across the globe, you can now own a special work of art or jewelry created just for you by Rafi and Klee.

Is there a past work you love that has sold? Are you Looking for art or jewelry that tells a specific story? Do you want to collaborate with Rafi and Klee for your perfect work of art or jewelry?

Commissions and custom projects begin with a simple description of your vision by filling out the form below. We try to reply within one business day.


  • 1 month to 12 months, depending on the project scope and queue of commissions.
  • We only accept a limited number of commissions annually; securing your spot 2-6 months before your desired delivery date is advised.
  • Allow time for the design stage before work on the project begins.
Klee Angelie Fire Flower Opal Commission
Oren Commission By Rafi Perez

Commission Pricing

Commission pricing varies based on metal type, medium, stones, material, complexity, and size. We’ll be able to provide a more precise price range as we learn more details once you fill out the form below. We offer flexible payment options for the artwork or jewelry balance including 3-10 month Layaway installment options.  

Past projects range from:

$300 – $15K

Pricing varies based on the medium, scale, and complexity of similar work in our portfolio.

A sketch & design fee of:


(applied to the project total).

A deposit will be due:

50%Deposit – Plus Shipping & Taxes(If Applicable)

Upon approval, a 50% deposit is required, payable online via credit card or PayPal.  

Fill Out The Form Below To Get The Process Started Or Scroll Down For Detailed Information

How The Process Works:

  • Conceptualization Of Your Commission

    1. You send the form below with your info.
    2. We respond and communicate via email and get specific details.
    3. Initial quick sketches, pricing, and timeline sent for approval.
    4. Once approved, we will create a special listing or send an invoice for the deposit. We will also set a payment plan based on mutual agreement.

    This process can take a day or a week as we iron out the specifics of your commission.

  • Commission Preparation Steps

    1. Final detailed (If applicable) sketches will be sent for approval.
    2. Order Materials for completion of the project. When sourcing specific components, this may be communicated with you for approval. (For example, particular stones, materials, or design elements).
    3. Once all materials have arrived, the space is prepared for your project.

    Depending on the agreed-upon timeline, this process can take several days or months.

  • Creating The Commission

    1. The artwork or jewelry begins (at kick-off).
    2. Email progress photos + feedback requests on the project at least once a week.
    3. Final photo for approval + shipping arranged

    This process will take as long as the time agreed upon to complete the commission.

Are you currently accepting commissions?

We accept a limited number of commissions annually. Securing a spot months before your desired delivery date is advised. Please submit an inquiry below.

What are your price ranges for commissions?

This question can be scary for someone wanting to purchase art or jewelry, but we will work within your budget if possible. Please send us an inquiry for a quote. There is no obligation. We treat every commission like the work of art it is (whether it is a $100 or a $100,000 commission). Our commission minimum is based on the commission itself. Commissions vary in price based on the medium, metal, scale, stones, and subject matter. We’d be happy to draft an estimate for you. Please submit an inquiry, and we will follow up with an overview of our process and the initial details we need to provide a price range for your project.

What kind of information do you need from me to make my commissioned artwork?

You are part of the process! Emotion and feeling are so crucial in the creation of art. We would love to hear your why? We encourage you to gather and send materials for reference in creating your commission, such as inspiration images, favorite past works by Rafi or Klee, design boards, interior color schemes, personalized touches, etc. Photos of the room where the artwork will hang + detailed wall/furniture dimensions are also helpful. There is no such thing as too much information.

Can I commission an artwork similar to a past work?

Yes, this is a common commission request and something we’re happy to discuss.

Do I get to offer feedback during the process?

Absolutely. Feedback is encouraged throughout the process, but most importantly (1) when compiling answers & materials via our initial questionnaire; and (2) when you receive the sketches and/or mock-up for review.

Will you create anything I ask?

It is essential to look at our work and make sure that you like our style of art. We spend a lot of time with our creations and may not take on works that are negative in nature. The only way to really know for sure is to contact us, below.


Fill Out The Form Below To Get The Process Started

Rafi Perez in Studio
Rafi Perez in his art studio