Commission Rafi And Klee

The process of commissioning us is very simple, send us a brief description of what you want and why. We will get back to you within 24 hours and continue a dialog from there.

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There are several things we consider when agreeing to do a commission.

Is it something I can emotionally get behind?
Our paintings and jewelry are emotional in nature so if it is a concept or design that is negative in nature the creative flow just wont work. That being said, If a particular piece you would like to commission has an emotional element to it that means something powerful to you, please share that with us in your email.


Does the person love my work?
We have very unique styles and it is important to us that the person commissioning us to create something loves our previous work.

Rafi Perez in Studio
Rafi Perez in his art studio

Is it empowering and makes me feel good in creating it?
Considering the amount of time we spend with each piece, we do not work on anything that is negative in nature.