Dream Forest By Rafi Perez 2018

Recently I worked on a project that I would have to categorized as the largest project I’ve worked on.

The Happy Art Tour THAT

The Dream Forest – Designed By Rafi Perez

The Dream Forest was conceptualized and designed to allow the observer to explore the nature of happiness itself, through an immersive interaction with whimsical ancient beings that come to life as you meander through their magical realms. Each one explores a different facet of the “gem” that is happiness, asking thought provoking questions and offering words of ancient wisdom.

The Happy Art Tour THAT

I created five rooms within a free standing structure that was about 80ftX40ft in order to give the illusion that you were walking into a different world.

Each sculpture was designed and fitted with animatronics in order to get them to talk and move. You walk up wave your hand and the sculpture has a special message for you about empowering yourself.

Watch Video To Learn More About The Dream Forest

This project took about 6 months to design and build. It will be traveling around the country.

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