Wooden Sunflower Lamp Sculpture By Rafi 2019

This commission makes the list because I did something I had never done before. Wood carving was definitely out of my comfort zone, but when this collector called me and said what they wanted the piece for, I designed something I had never done before. I think they had no doubt I could pull it off, but I did. Wood carving has always been out of my comfort zone because I am not a patient creator who can do tedious.

Wooden Sunflower Wall Mount

After sitting with them for a while and looking at the colors of the lamp, I decided to go with a color of sunflower that doesn’t actually exist. I knew that the only way I could pull it off would be with the design of the flower being perfect. So I went to town on some wood with an angle grinder, drill, dremel, and knife… the end result was spectacular.

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