Firefly Room By Klee Angelie 2018

Recently I completed a project that pushed my creative comfort zones in every way possible.

The Firefly Room Construction 2018 Klee Angelie

When I first volunteered myself for this project, I was filled to the brim with excitement because I had a great concept that I was passionate about. “I’m going to create an indoor experience that feels like you’re outside watching thousands of fireflies!!!” It immediately got approval… and then I was immediately wracked with self doubt.

The Firefly Room Construction 2018 Klee Angelie

I had to face my fears one moment and one task at a time, and I did so every day. It was a goliath of a project and it was many hot sweaty days full of make it work moments. I pushed through because of my excitement, found the confidence buried inside me, and also had the awesome help of Rafi.

The Firefly Room Construction 2018 Klee Angelie

As each piece came together, I almost couldn’t believe I was seeing my concept come to life. I was so full of excitement and so ready to see the next part come into fruition, that momentum carried me forward.

Lighting Test Firefly Room 2018 Klee Angelie

It turned out to be one of the projects I’m most thrilled with and most proud of, and it never would have happened if I hadn’t blurted out my idea in excitement before my “logical brain” could stop me.

The Firefly Room In Progress 2018 Klee Angelie

The Firefly Room was part of a larger collection of installations called “The Happy Art Tour” which was amazing to be part of and also featured Rafi’s “Dream Forest” installation.

Enjoying The Finished Firefly Room Opening Night 2018 Klee Angelie

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