Klee’s First Group Show At A Gallery 2020

I’ve done a lot of shows… I mean… a lot. But this year I decided to participate in my very first group exhibition at a gallery. “No big, I’ve got this.” said yours truly. But no exhibition is without some modicum of stressing out.

Klee At Quayside Gallery 2020

I had just been accepted to Quayside Gallery, and agreed to participate in the new members’ show. The theme was “Roaring 2020’s” and I was very excited about that. I was slightly less excited that the show was taking place immediately following the holidays, when my energy and inventory of pieces are typically at their lowest. I know, I know… “Nice humble brag Klee, you had an excellent and busy/profitable holiday season and you’re just SOOOO tired and low on jewelry. We feel SOOOO sorry for you.” I get it, and yes, that’s a good point. Nonetheless, I was kinda stressed out about the whole thing, because all the planning was happening during the holiday rush 2019.

Holiday Celebratory Crazy Rafi and Klee

If I can pull it off, you can too… trust me! Markets and shows- check! Emails and online orders- check! Clandestine meetings in parking lots with last minute holiday shoppers- check! Social media festivities- check! Bourbon and too many cookies- check! Planning and writing checks, prepping new pieces (and also borrowing from some existing inventory because I’m a grown-ass person and can do what I want)- check! Here’s my takeaway for any of you that may be stressing about an upcoming show. It’s going to happen anyway, so just do what you can with what you have, and when the day arrives… enjoy it. For Pete’s sake, enjoy it.

The setup day was utter chaos, took way longer than I planned for, and Rafi was recruited to assist with installation even though he was just there to support me. He’s a super nice guy, as you probably already know, so he agreed to help however he could. The day of the show was equal amounts of Chaos. Prepping was like a fast motion kaleidoscope of food and drink placement, heels clacking, excited nervous chatter, camera flashes, and sweaty congratulations “We’re not supposed to be sweaty yet! It hasn’t even started!”

Klee at opening of show, demonstrating her best CHEESE.

The actual show went by in a flash. I visited with everyone, took one million pictures, and tried my best to soak it all in. Rafi was by my side through it all, and then it was done!

Rafi and Klee Quayside Gallery 2020 (Photobomb by veteran gallery member and talented artist Laurie Flynn)

The quayside family is wonderful, and I’m so happy to have shared my first group show with them, and with my close friends and my person, Rafi.

Klee posing for group photo (and looking very tall due to camera perspective!) at group exhibition 2020

It was a memorable and fun experience, and an excellent first gallery exhibition. And also, I wore my most favorite vintage dress and super fly victorian inspired boots, so I was bound to enjoy myself.

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