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Klee Angelie is a fine jewelry artist who creates original signature pieces that have a story and a history to reveal. Using old world techniques and a loving, nurturing approach to the creative process, her pieces posses a rawness and an energy that make them truly unique to her.

Hello and welcome! I am a contemporary jewelry artist who creates original signature pieces that have a story and a history to reveal, specializing in hammered and forged metal, wire work and stone jewelry.

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I am endlessly inspired by the timeless beauty of the natural world and the very personal and dynamic experience of being human, the “Stuff Of Life”. My pieces are designed to create the same sense of awe and appreciation that a person might feel gazing up at the stars or walking through a beautiful forest, and to resonate with the power and beauty of human experiences and emotions in much the same way that a well written piece of music can resonate with those things.

I come from a musical background and possess a passion for harmony, balance, resonance, and rhythm. I see these qualities not only in music, but everywhere I look in nature, in people, and in life experiences. I like to tap into these themes and translate them into my jewelry creations. I have been told that my jewelry has a flow, and a life and energy about it that is unique and palpable.

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I use old world jewelry making skills and techniques, and a loving, nurturing approach to the creative process. Everything is done by hand with great care in my studio. I source local materials whenever possible, and always use ethically sourced stones and recycled metals. I work predominantly in sterling silver, 14k gold filled, copper, and 14k gold.

I love talking to people about my work, and while I can (and do enjoy to) talk about the hard facts of a piece, what the stone is, where it came from, how I constructed a design and so on… I find that just as much, I like to (and I tend to) talk about the way it makes me feel, the train of thought it took me on, the contemplative quality of it, or the timeless essence present in it. I like pretty things just as much as the next person, but I care very deeply for the underlying meaning and substance of things, thoughts, feelings and ideas. The pieces are lovely adornments, they are meant to be, but when a person finds a deeper resonance with the feeling of one of my creations and the appreciation for it, that’s what really does it for me.


Why? Because I believe fully that art is so much more than eye candy or decoration. It is a profound form of human expression and it can and does have a great impact on our lives. Jewelry, art that you can wear on your body, has the ability to connect you with and convey emotions, memories, stories, beliefs and ideas, as well as remind you that you are a powerful and gorgeous being, connected to a powerful and gorgeous environment. That is why I wear jewelry, and why I create it.

I was born and raised in Illinois, right outside of Chicago and I devoted the majority of my time to music and various creative art endeavors in my area. The people I’ve met and worked with, and the dynamic energy of my surroundings, coupled with an unstoppable curiosity and passion for creative expression lent itself to an ever evolving body of work and an ever evolving journey as an artist and a human.

I currently live and work in Oil City Pennsylvania, a city and community which continues to inspire me daily. I participate in local events and give back to my community whenever possible. My work has been shown at local shows, markets, charitable events and galleries, as well as featured in several publications as I continue to grow within my surroundings, and ever outward into the world.