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5 Reasons Why I Don’t Need Drugs To Feel Good

People tend to think that artists are on the fringes of society and completely out of their minds. I can only assume to know what kind of craziness they think ensues in my creative life. I’m sure they picture me wide eyed and completely detached from reality stuck in front of a canvas throwing brushes at imaginary people… or doing drugs. Let’s be honest, most people think artists are on something.

I hate to burst your bubble, but I don’t do any drugs and I’m really quite boring… but awesomely boring. Although, if you saw me right now you would think I was out of my mind or on drugs. Listen, just because you’re in your studio shaking your fists in the air and screaming “You’re gonna die!” doesn’t mean you are crazy… it might just mean that a fly got in and it’s been flying around your head for the last hour.

Anyhow, the article is all about why I don’t need drugs, so let’s get into it.

1. I do something nice for myself every day.

Simply put, I make sure to do what I want to do for a few hours. Not a to do list, not a job, not errand, simply what I want. It might be paint something, or sit in a chair and stare at a wall, whatever it is, I’m gonna do it.

2. I listen to myself.

I pay attention to how I talk to myself, or how I describe myself in conversation to other people. I’m always paying attention to make sure that I’m not discouraging or putting myself down. I feel like it is a social norm to get down on yourself, and say things like “Yeah, I’m stupid.” or blah blah blah… In fact, most people don’t want to say too many nice things about themselves for fear that someone might think they are conceited, which in my opinion is stupid.

3. I forgive myself

I screw up a lot, and make all kinds of mistakes. I do a lot of great things too, but the problem is that most of the time we tend to dwell in the mistakes and all but forget the wins. I make it a point to learn from my mistakes and move on.

4. I accept myself as I am right now.

For starters, that means accepting the body that I have today, which is a very different body than I had forever ago. If there is any habit that I picked up from my family, it is obsessing about my weight and my age… weight, I can do something about if it gets out of hand, age not so much. Either way, being happy with the you that is you right now is the only thing that matters.

Self-acceptance also means accepting my income and success level, and getting out of the stupid mentality that I’m not enough. Honestly, accepting yourself is stating to yourself that right now, in this moment, you are enough… plain and simple.

5. I eliminate toxic people from my life.

I do not allow or tolerate clients, friends, family, collectors of my art, YouTube followers, or anyone to make me unhappy. I have no problem hanging up on, deleting, or not continuing a relationship with anyone who is toxic. It’s not worth it.

All in all, it’s about feeling a sense of freedom and appreciating your life more. I feel like a lot of my life was spent feeling like a victim, and needing to escape. It’s still a work in progress, but I mostly feel really good about my life. I no longer feel like a victim to toxic people, my own self talk, my mistakes, my age, my body, time, the world, or much of anything… except that damn fly.

I gotta go… “YOU’RE GONNA DIE FLY!!!”

8 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Don’t Need Drugs To Feel Good

  1. The 2nd photo of “Doing something nice for myself” while sitting on the Throne – brought a smile to my
    quiet day. I don’t need drugs either – A nice chunk of watermelon will do. Thanks for the inspiring
    awesomeness of your thoughts.

      1. Thank you for this. I hope you don’t mind if I share your website and discuss your position on substances. I’m an Addiction Specialist (previous drug user 44years clean on 7/14. I run groups and this would be a great way to start o topic.

      2. I don’t mind at all ❤️

  2. Justthatgirlinspiringyou here. As the girl that always inspires others, I often take a back seat to push them forward. Living life for what you’re passionate about means LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE ! I sometimes forget my own words and get lost in the daily shuffles of this fast moving world. Again today, I thank you Rafi for giving me inspiration to be MY best ME. The realities you bring to ALL of us are truly priceless.
    In appreciation, JTG Mon

    1. Awww… thank you! You are AWESOME!

  3. I needed this post…. it’s been a rough morning.
    Been super hard on myself since I woke up. I quit smoking cigarettes… had my last one the evening of June 2nd… and when I have cravings I get angry… and fortunately or unfortunately I usually am not nice to my self in my talking to myself… so reading this just kinda snapped my brain back to reality!
    Thank you Rafi!! Hope you got the fly 😎
    Now I think I’m gonna go start cutting the wood pieces for my #inspireasmile project 😊 it’s gonna probably take me a week or 2 or so to get them done (in between other stuff) but I will definitely share when they are all completely done and ready to bring to town.

    1. I’m happy to hear that you snapped back. Yay! I’m excited to see when it’s done ❤️

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