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Everything Happens For A Reason

I know what you’re thinking, oh boy Rafi is going to give us an airy fairy lecture on the universe or some crap like that. Maybe, but I wanted to share a piece of advice that I would have given my younger self. It’s a piece of advice that has changed my life for the better, a different perspective than what is the norm.

When I say everything happens for a reason, I don’t mean what most people mean when they are trying to see the silver lining in a tragedy, because honestly, sometimes there isn’t one. Life can suck royally and sometimes shit happens that we have a hard time bouncing back from.

It’s more about taking responsibility for your life and how you feel. In other words, not blaming yourself or others for the circumstances and events that take place in your life. Understanding that every moment, every circumstance is an opportunity for you to show yourself who you are.

Whether it’s good or bad, if you understand that everything comes into your life for a reason, even though at the time something might seem like your world is falling apart, you’ll be more equipped to handle it.

Life By Rafi Perez

It is only natural to feel like things are not meant to happen in a negative way — people are not meant to leave, you are not meant to get rejected, accidents are not meant to happen — and if you had done something differently, the situation might have turned out different.

However, as time passes, you realize that things happen, life goes on, and you are left stronger and wiser for it. Sometimes people come into your life to teach you something about yourself, or to bring you to the opportunity to empower yourself. Things that seemed horrible, painful, or unfair at the time usually lead to an opportunity to stand up for yourself. Years later in reflection, you may realize that they happened because you allowed them to happen, and eventually got stronger for it. That is taking responsibility.

My Life Drips Away

So here’s the advice I’d like to give to my younger self:

Everything happens for a reason — understand this. Without mistakes and failure, you would have never learned. Without breakups, you would have never met someone new. Without pain, you would have never grown. Once you understand this — really understand this — you will know that everything can serve a purpose. Don’t dwell on disappointments or view unfortunate events as regrets. But rather, see them as opportunities in disguise — an opportunity to know yourself. Try to understand the fleeting nature of events in life and don’t stress or ever think that life is unfair, because everything happens for a reason. And only time will tell.

8 thoughts on “Everything Happens For A Reason

  1. This is an extremely powerful post and is a form of positive psychology. It is a matter of picking yourself up and continuing on. The memories of negativity are there, but it is a matter of deciding whether it will define you or strengthen your resolve and character.

  2. Thank you.

  3. Jtgmon …cont. All things are happening, I feel it, telling me to go after my dream. Dreams of working for myself and releasing my passions to capture things that might make even one single person smile with joy. If I can even make someone feel with their minds what has possibly been lost maybe … Idk.. There is so many things racing in my mind as well. Questions.. With no answers..🤔 Money probably is the scariest as most art minded people say. Even you and Klee in your videos. For god sake I have an iPhone 4 I just got 😂 Had a flip phone before this 😱 Awh geeze..can barely take photos cuz I only have 5 GB .. Omg what!! No excuses I keep saying. LEAVE EM AT THE DOOR!! Well, I’m looking at the sky today thru an open window. Your message has left much inside my brain and my heart. I’m going to try to find a way to do this thing. I thank you for hearing my long (but really shortened) rant as u say. I hope this reaches you and Klee. I only have one social media account as I’m trying to learn about more. I am “Just That Girl. ” just trying to make a place in this world that I fit in. Always here to lift u up .. Never showing my struggles because I know someone else’s is worse. So in parting , Thank you,my friend (if I may). My Instagram “Justthatgirlinspiringyou”

  4. Tyvm rafi for this, today especially. I recently found the website to receive info from you and Klee. Long story short (I’ll save for another time) I have a sprained ankle with severe tendinitis. My job is …guess…a server 😱 Without my feet income😨😱so 2 weeks almost no income and just tryin to get by. I am an artist at heart. Have been since I can remember (maybe 4 or 5 yrs old).never had one single art class. I luv so many things clay,jewelry,concreting but most of all painting. Any kind btw. It is especially now I’m really looking into my can always be worse.. Right??? Well, I’m trying to understand life at my not so young age anymore. I know my passion for life..I know what it is..sooo…whats the problem?i have all of the tools to embark on a new adventure..this passion thingie. I worry so much I make myself tired when actually I know I need the nudge. (A quick kick in the azz).my mind is all over the place. I’ll stop with this, your post today I felt came to me for a reason. Just as I received a gift from a regular family I have served for over 15 obituary of their father 😨😪 with the card letting me know their dad passed was…. A $50 dollar bill 😫(As I am silently crying tears dripping off my face)cont.jtgmon

    1. You got this, we struggle, but we keep going, we keep smiling, we keep loving, and we keep living… thank you so much for sharing. Hugs 🤗

  5. You have no idea how I needed this today brother….hugs and a million thank yous.

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