Rafi Perez Solo Art Show 2015

On Sept 11th 2015, I launched the opening for my solo art show “You Are Here – The Strange Curiosity of Right Now.” The opening reception was a huge success and the show was running until October 1st 2015. The show featured over 100 works of art, including installations, paintings and sculpture.

rafi-perez-art-show-152There was an acoustic performance by the amazing band Dinosaur Daze and fantastic food by Monica Gaskins. The show was hosted by Marty Campbell Gallery in Downtown Pensacola.rafi-perez-art-show-130I’ve always been very fascinated by the concept of right now. That fleeting moment that takes place inside your mind, it dictates how you feel and what you think about. The show exhibited a body of work that was a study of the various emotions that can exist in the fleeting moment of right now.rafi-perez-art-show-119“Art is such a great representation of the relative nature of the concept of time. Because the experience takes place in the viewers mind, it is not something that can actually be shared. Things will sow down when you get absorbed by the colors, texture and the subject of a piece of art, if it triggers an emotion response that is personal in nature. Yet, nothing will happen to the flow of time if the piece doesn’t speak to you in any way, you simply move on to the next.” – Rafi Perez

Watch This Video To See The Show

Enjoy the photos below of this awesome experience. Thank you so much to everyone that came out and made this a memorable experience. (Thank you Henry Crenshaw and James Gaskins for Photos and Video)

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