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Under The Weather

As I prepared myself to drip some paint onto canvas, and make sure I didn’t try drinking coffee out of the wrong cup again (Paint taste nothing like coffee by the way), I found myself feeling a little uneasy. I looked down at the blank canvas trying to grasp the fuzzy image I had in my mind just moments earlier, but I couldn’t seem to focus.

I don’t tend to get sick, so any time it happens, it catches me by surprise. I looked up at the imaginary mirror in front of me and said “Oh shit.” Immediately my mind went into overdrive, telling me all the things I did that would bring about a sickness.

“Maybe it was that guy, that one day, that coughed in your booth.” My Brain said.

“Maybe Klee kissed you, and she’s a carrier of some kind of strange virus that hasn’t been discovered yet.” My Brain continued.

“Maybe James gave it to you when he breathed near you.”

“Maybe you should chill out.” I said out loud.



I mean, if I’m sick, then I’m sick, and I take care of myself. But driving myself crazy trying to figure out how it happened is just stupid.

So, I decided to take a break today… Let’s see how I feel tomorrow. The painting is there coming together slowly in my mind as if I were actually putting paint to canvas, so that is taken care of.

I would say that today has been a very good day. If there was anything I would change about today, it would be my dramatic response to being sick… I was quite whiny for a good portion of the day before I caught myself being obnoxious. Luckily, Klee didn’t seem to mind too much and she was pretty fantastic at being just as sweet as she always is.

So, here’s to being under the weather and enjoying a spell of whiny, over dramatic, self indulgence in resting it up.


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