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Painting Of The Mural In Pensacola Has Begun

I am very excited to announce that we got approved for the mural in the heart of downtown Pensacola Florida. Some of you may already know the story of said mural, if not watch the video below… it was an “interesting” adventure… or a freakin nightmare, depends on how you look at it.



Because it is hotter outside than any human being should have to endure, I’ve spaced out my mural creation. If you are interested in watching paint dry, or would like to say “Hola!” (I love that) I’ve listed the dates I will be painting.

I am very excited about this mural, I see it as a gift to this town and the people that have been so supportive to me in my career. So, thank you so much, you guys and gals are AWESOME!

Mural painting dates:

*Tuesday, June 28, 10am-2pm

*Wednesday June 29, 10am-12pm

*Tuesday July 5, 10am-2pm

*Wednesday July 6, 10am-2pm

*Thursday July 7, 10am-2pm

*Wednesday July 13, 10am-2pm

*Friday July 15, 10am-1pm

*Saturday July 16, 9am-1pm

*Sunday July 17, 11am-2pm

*Tuesday July 19, 10am-12pm

*Thursday July 14, 10am-2pm

Marty Campbell Gallery is located at  114 Palafox Pl, Pensacola, FL 32502

Watch the video below for details on our adventure to get this mural done… Especially because I started painting it without approval… ooops!


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