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The Pendulum By Rafi Perez

Recently, I sold a piece I created called “The Pendulum” to an amazing woman that I consider a dear friend. She told me, that the moment she laid eyes on it, she couldn’t stop thinking about it.


This piece seemed to speak to her, the way it spoke to me when I created it.

It’s a portrait of Mother Earth and Father Time, in their relationship with the world and each other. His imagery is cloaked in the vastness of the universe, representing time and space. She is wrapped in the growth and beauty of the earth. She also dominates the scene, relaxed and supported by time as she basks in her sunshine.


This scene symbolizes our perception. That moment when time stands still, and nature surrounds us. We become part of that nature, and time lowers his head and relinquishes the illusion of control over our lives.


The piece is meant to introduce you to the decision we make every moment, of every day. You have a choice, to focus on time, or focus on the beauty that surrounds you. Focusing on the moment, is focusing on nature, causing time to slow down and fully experiencing the moment of right now.


Focusing on time or the lack there of, causes time to dominate, and the natural world gets lost in your thoughts.That’s when you loose your grip on right now.

The interesting thing is that time will always take a backseat to nature… If we just stop, listen, look, and choose.



2 thoughts on “The Pendulum By Rafi Perez

  1. The Pendulum has definitely come HOME! Each time I walk into the room, I find myself stopping to admire it before I continue with whatever brought me there in the first place. Rafi is an awesome artist and puts his heart, soul and creative genius into everything he creates. I am so fortunate to have this beautiful piece of his art to enjoy every day!

    1. šŸ˜Š thank you Charlotte!

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