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Ouch! My Eyes!

I injured myself last night.

You might be wondering if this injury occurred while I was rescuing a child from a burning building, or possibly fighting a ninja assassin… but no. It didn’t.

So, what happened?


Well, my eyes were dry, I lazily decided to not take my contacts out of my eyes, and went to bed… You know, because it’s not like I need my eyes or anything like that.

I was woken up by a red hot spike in my eye, to which I responded with “Why God! Why!”

Then I ran to the bathroom to desperately take the dry, shriveled up blades of doom (that used to be my contacts) out of my eyes. I might as well have been trying to poke my own eyes out with a thorn bush. After what felt like an eternity, I managed to remove the assaulting ocular caps and…

“Why God! Why!”


It hurt even more. I blindly knocked things on to the floor desperately searching for eye drops. I fell to the ground and crawled desperately to the cabinet under the sink, blindly dragging myself to find the elixir of not hurting eyes.

Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration… But ouch.

So, I found the drops, took some Advil and put an ice pack on my eyes. Needless to say, not much art got created today… But, there is a bright side to this story…

I think I learned a valuable lesson… Don’t be too lazy to do things you should do, because not doing them may suck for you. If your gut is telling you to do something, chances are, you should do it… just saying. Especially when it comes to being an artist who uses the round things in his head sockets to create his livelihood.

Luckily, it’s healing, and I am so looking forward to going back into the studio in the next couple days. I have some awesome pieces in the works, so stay tuned!

Thanks for being awesome!



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  1. You’ve learned a lesson.

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