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I Made The Mistake Of Reading The News This Morning In My Art Studio

As a creative person, my imagination is a wild creature that I have developed into a superpower… at least I like to think so. I think all humans have this power, but some use it a little more than others. I use my imagination to interpret my feelings and transfer them on to whatever new thing I am creating. Sometimes it is deep, sometimes it is not.

Because it is so closely attached to my emotions, I try to keep things positive and empowering. I like to focus on the beauty of the world. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. It doesn’t mean that the beauty is gone, it just means I’m not focused on it.

If I were a superhero that focused on the beauty of the world, my arch nemesis would be the mainstream media. I feel like they scour the world to find anything negative and dis-empowering in order to keep us in a state of fear, and watching the news religiously to stay “informed” on the next possible threat.

This isn’t some “fake news” statement. I don’t care what news outlets you watch, or who you follow… it is all dramatic theater in order to get you to pick a side, and follow their agenda.

Don’t worry, Rafi has not lost his mind and writing about conspiracies… although I did just type that in the third person.

What I am saying is, with everything that has been going on lately, I feel like there is such a divide between us wonderful humans. People are afraid, angry, hateful, distrusting, polarized, and not sure what to think. Unfortunately, most people turn to the news outlet of their choice to see what is going on in the world and forget that news outlets are powered by ratings, money, and theatrics.

Of course they are going to report on horrible shit… horrible shit happens, and that’s what get’s people to watch. When you are scared or worried, you need to tune in so you can know what is going on.

And there is a lot going on.

This morning, I walked into the studio to get started on a commission meant to document the love of a family. Another piece I’m working on is for a couple who are madly in love, and another is to celebrate the birth of a child.

So here is a video that explains where I am at with all this 🙂

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