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Christmas Open Studio Shindig 2015

Rafi Was Here Studios and LunaStella Naturals presents a holly jolly Christmas Open Studio Shindig on Sunday December 20th From 11am – 4:30pm.


We are excited to invite you to visit the place where the splashing of paint, the hammering of precious metals and the mixing of natural ingredients happens! In celebration of the spirit of Christmas shopping we are opening our doors and saying “Hello, come on in and enjoy some cookies… and art… and jewelry… and natural skin and body care… and did I mention cookies.”

We will open our doors from 11am – 4:30pm and will be giving tours of the studio so you can see for yourself where some of your favorite works of art and jewelry come from.

It wouldn’t be Christmas shopping without gifts for you!! So Rafi will be giving away a free gift to everyone that comes by and says “Hola!” (While supplies last)

LunaStella Naturals will have stocking stuffers and gift kits in addition to the regular product line.


Holiday appetizers will be served throughout the day along with good cheer towards everyone :)

where: 3403 W Jackson St, Pensacola FL 32505

When: Sunday, December 20th from 11am – 4:30pm

What: Christmas Shindig and Shopping

Who: Every Awesome person in Pensacola and surrounding areas

Why: Because it’s awesome, you get a gift and can shop some amazing things.

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The Best Wedding Gift Surprise Ever

Several month ago Kris commissioned me to create a piece that was based on Amanda (His soon to be bride) as a wedding gift. We talked at length about their adventure, and the trials and victories of the Appalachian Trail which they hiked together. Klee and I fell in love with these two adventurous and beautiful spirits right away. I jumped on the opportunity to create a piece based on such an amazing person.


We decided to do the surprise at my exhibition, since Kris could easily find an excuse to come and see it before it comes down October 1st. I propped the piece up with a tag that read “Rattle Snake Jane’s Lookout” (Rattle Snake Jane was her trail name) “This piece was comissioned by Kris for his lovely soon to be wife Amanda.

Klee and I both cried, it was the most amazing reveal I’ve done to date. I am so honored to have been a part of something so awesome. Watch the video to see for yourself.

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One On One With Rafi Perez Sept 25th 4-8pm

The opening reception on September 11th 2015 for You Are Here: The Strange Curiosity of Right Now was a huge success. Gallery Night was the following weekend and was another successful night.  A lot of the pieces sold, but most patrons are leaving them on loan until the end of the show on October 1st.

Because both nights were so crazy awesome busy, I didn’t get to many chances to speak one on one with people. So this Friday Sept 25th I’ll be at the gallery for a low key meet and greet.


What: Rafi Solo Art Show – YOU ARE HERE: The Strange Curiosity of RIGHT NOW

When: Meet and Greet, September 26th from 4PM-8PM

Where: Marty Campbell Gallery  –  126 Palafox Pl, Pensacola, Florida 32502

Show Runs – Sept 11th – Oct 1, 2015

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Rafi Perez Solo Art Exhibition

On Sept 11th 2015, I launched the opening for my solo art show “You Are Here – The Strange Curiosity of Right Now.” The opening reception was a huge success and the show is running until October 1st 2015. The show features over 100 works of art, including installations, paintings and sculpture.

There was an acoustic performance by the amazing band Dinosaur Daze and fantastic food by Monica Gaskins. The show is hosted by Marty Campbell Gallery in Downtown Pensacola.

“I’ve always been very fascinated by the concept of right now. That fleeting moment that takes place inside your mind, it dictates how you feel and what you think about. The show will exhibit a body of work that is a study of the various emotions that can exist in a fleeting moment of right now.”

“Art is such a great representation of the relative nature of the concept of time because the experience takes place in the viewer mind. Things will sow down when you get absorbed by the colors, texture and the subject of a piece if it triggers an emotion response that is personal in nature. Yet, nothing will happen to the flow of time if the piece doesn’t speak to you in any way, you simply move on to the next.”

What: Rafi Solo Art Show – YOU ARE HERE: The Strange Curiosity of RIGHT NOW

Where: Marty Campbell Gallery  –  126 Palafox Pl, Pensacola, Florida 32502

Show Runs – Sept 11th – Oct 1, 2015

Rafi Perez is a self-taught artist who’s sense of adventure and constant experimentation in his studio has led him to develop a painting technique with unique characteristics.

His ambition with his paintings is to use symbolic shapes, figures, texture and colors to express his deepest emotions and passion for life. This leads him to apply paint to the canvas in unusual and interesting ways. His paintings also require layers upon layers of paint to create a sensuous and turbulent surface texture that is as vital and as complex as life itself. He uses color to allure an imaginative and emotional response from the viewer. His dynamic depictions of the human experience and expressions are the product of many days of working and reworking.

His Paintings represent the discovery of mysteries of the subconscious mind that are part of his own personal journey in life. The art holds the promise of dreams, visions, fears, intangibles, and will. It is a collaboration of the mind and spirit. It is designed to speak to the viewer in a confidential language. Once a piece of art grabs you, you cannot help but interact with it; it demands contemplation, study, feeling, and flights of fancy.



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Rafi Perez Is Having A Solo Art Exhibition of Awesomeness

“I am very excited to announce that I will be having a solo show at Marty Campbell Gallery, Downtown Pensacola. I have some super secret pieces that I am working on that will make their debut at the show. The show is called YOU ARE HERE: The Strange Curiosity of RIGHT NOW. ”

“My goal with this show is to wow people and leave them with something to talk about for years… That’s all I’ll say for now, but it’s totally exciting trying to make that goal a reality.” – Rafi Perez

What: Rafi Solo Art Show – YOU ARE HERE: The Strange Curiosity of RIGHT NOW

When: Opening Reception on September 11th from 6PM-10PM

Where: Marty Campbell Gallery  –  126 Palafox Pl, Pensacola, Florida 32502

Show Runs – Sept 11th – Oct 1, 2015


Prepare to have your mind blown. Marty Campbell Gallery in Beautiful Downtown Pensacola will feature art from award winning artist, Rafi Perez. “YOU ARE HERE: The Strange Curiosity of Right Now” Will Have Its Opening Reception on September 11th from 6PM-10PM. Rafi is a mixed media painter whose works include a variety of subjects in several styles. Rafi’s most recent body of work reflects his fascination with the human figure and individual emotional impressionistic portraits. Special pieces for this collection will debut at this show including sculpture and installation.

Light food and drink will be provided.

Please join the Facebook page by clicking the link below.

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Klee Featured in PO10TIAL Magazine

Klee Featured in PO10TIAL Magazine

Recently Klee was featured in the amazing Magazine “PO10TIAL” and this is what she had to say:

It wasn’t so long ago that if you had asked me about my jewelry, I would have blushed and mumbled and probably stared at the ground. In fact, it wasn’t so long ago that if you’d asked me about virtually anything, it would have produced that response… but that’s a story for another day.

klee featuredReally though, it was not until fairly recent times that my love of rocks and all things nature were coupled with tools, skills and patience, and a desire to make wearable companions of said rocks and nature. I carried rocks around in my purse, in my pockets, in my car, but it didn’t consciously dawn on me what I was trying to do in the making of jewelry until… well… I had to find the words to articulate it.

I don’t look at the world as a series of inanimate things clumped together to make other things. I see personality and life in just about everything. Just ask Rafi about my friend “ghost pin” whom I created at age 6 and who lives on the passenger side visor of our truck. Or my unyielding fascination with lichen. He’s astounded at my weirdness sometimes. On some level, when this all got started I was trying to make my rock and stick and leaf “companions” accessible to me in a more elegant way than carrying them around in pockets (I still carry rocks in my pockets). Also, I was trying to express that sentiment in a way that could be appreciated by other people and made accessible to them (I know lots of folks who also carry rocks around in their pockets).

I wanted to do all of this in a way that was gentle and caring, as that’s just how I like to do things. So the methods and techniques that sparked the greatest passion in me were the rhythmic, harmonious, meditative ones. Even when I am wielding a hammer, it’s rhythmic and caring (and awesomely gratifying, and sometimes knocks items off of shelves in the studio but in the most harmonious of ways).

I’m incredibly happy and honored that my first artist feature was with Po10tial Magazine, because they had the awareness of all of that (and then some) within me and took the time to sit with me and expand upon my intentions, what drives me to create, and how I go about it. They’re, quite frankly, brilliant and astoundingly talented individuals that make the publication happen and make it awe inspiring at every page turn. What an awesome experience this has been for me. – Klee