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2018 Pensacola Rafi Art Hunt

Every year I try to do something for my adoptive town and all the amazing people that collect my art. We’ve had open studios where I’ve printed out hundreds of prints to give away, we’ve also given stuff away at live paintings, and every once in a while I donate a piece of art to a charity for auction.

2018 Pensacola Art Hunt By Rafi And Klee

The thing that I enjoy the most is doing the art scavenger hunt. There is something about the mystery and the covert nature of bringing joy to people that totally gets me. It’s a very rogue and unexpected way to bring happiness to a person… Maybe I just enjoy being rogue.

This year, I’ll be releasing about 80 small tree paintings (each signed and numbered) and I will be releasing some hand painted magnets. I designed each one to brighten someone’s day, and bring an unexpected smile to their lips.

2018 Pensacola Art Hunt By Rafi And Klee
2018 Pensacola Art Hunt By Rafi And Klee

All together I will be releasing 180 items all over downtown Pensacola, some in plain sight, some a little harder to find, but all free.

The release date will be in early march (I’ll announce it next week so stay tuned), this means I’ll have to wake up earlier than I would like and cover the city before the morning crowd rushes in.

2018 Pensacola Art Hunt By Rafi And Klee

I recently put a challenge out to find the perfect hashtag for this project, and the winner will receive one of each of the items in the hunt. Please watch this video to enter:

I’ll be releasing more information after the contest finalizes and I have more information. See you soon for the hunt!

2 thoughts on “2018 Pensacola Rafi Art Hunt

  1. You say it all the time. —Awesomeness!!!!! You are Awesome!!!

  2. I really love what you are doing. You are beautiful and amazing. Keep up the AWESOMENESS… you make people smile 😀😺♥️🎨

    your pal 😊, Marie


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