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You’re Awesome Reason #1

This is written simply to tell you how freakin’ awesome you are! Yes, YOU! Stop looking behind you. You are more awesome than you might like to believe, and I want to give you one reason today, so listen up.

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Reason #1: You Are Beautiful – So Darn Beautiful!

That’s right I said it. You’re beautiful! Yes you!

Listen, the way you look is different from anyone else around. Your unique look is beautiful.

You have been through so much in your life – you have come so far and you’re still moving along. No one has experienced your exact experiences, and that’s one of the many things that makes you beautiful.

Klee is so stylish

Your laugh is beautiful (even when you snort). It is. Nothing is better than your joy.

You may not think of yourself as a creative person, but you are. Somehow, somewhere you have created something, imagined something, dreamed something. Creativeness is beautiful, and you’re creative in your own way, and that is beautiful.

No matter what you’ve thought about yourself in the past, someone out there thinks you’re perfect. Someone loves you for who you are, just the way you are, and wouldn’t change a thing.

Be Brave

You are brave. At some point in your life you had to do something that you were afraid to do. You had to face your fear, and that is beautiful.

You have your own unique thoughts, your own unique experiences, and your own unique life. Your uniqueness makes you beautiful, and it’s what makes you, you!

You exist. That’s beautiful in itself. Life is a precious gift, and knowing that out of all the unknown in the world, you were created, and you turned out… well, as you – now that’s beautiful.

Happiness is beautiful. Even if you’re having a bad day, or you don’t feel the greatest – smile. Smiles bring happiness, happiness is beautiful, and your smile is beautiful.

6 thoughts on “You’re Awesome Reason #1

  1. Wow! I really was moved by this post. I have been feeling un~beautiful lately.So, thanks for saying it I did treat myself to some awesome Klee jewelry and Rafi artwork….can’t wait to get them. Having a reminder of you both and your good energy vibes will make me smile.

    1. Thank you Patsy! You’re awesome!!

  2. Rafi, My wife and I both read this and immediately thought of each other. You are a special person yourself and the world needs a lot more people like you in it. Thank you for the inspiration and I look forward to your next e-mail!

    1. Thank you! That means a lot to me.

  3. Hey Rafi and Klee…. thanks soooo much for this awesome post! I sure needed to read it today! It lifted my spirit and that makes you guys beautiful! You guys ROCK!

    1. Aww!! You’re awesome and beautiful!

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