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Stir Crazy, Awesome Podcasts, And Staying Connected

Today I woke up and realized that it’s been about two and a half weeks since I have ventured out of the studio. Although our art studio is one of the coolest places to be, it’s easy to start feeling a little stir crazy.

Last time we went out, we hunted down supplies and scored toilet paper… good times, good times.

My book is NOT toilet paper… not yet anyhow.

Today I went outside and did a little stretching in the yard, hugged Klee, and returned into the studio and am currently listening to some music while I create.

I had a lovely surprise in the form of a Podcast from Curious Kirby, in which she interviewed Klee and me.

Kirby asked us all kinds of interesting questions, and it was a blast. You can listen by visiting her site here.

I avoid watching or reading the news. As you can imagine, there’s not much out there but doom and gloom, which is not very inspiring for creating art. Honestly, I haven’t felt very inspired lately.

Mostly, I’ve been recording and editing the audiobook for ‘The Rogue Artist’s Survival Guide’ and trying to keep my wits about me.

Klee and I are used to being at home and not going out much, but even still, we have to keep a close eye on our attitude towards ourselves and each other. It can be easy to lose your shit over stupid things, especially when you are recording an audiobook, and every sound in the house sounds like a firecracker.

It was excellent listening to the podcast in the studio. I could feel the old familiar sense of inspiration bubbling up from deep down inside, where I tried to bury it. It was under several layers of apathy, numbness, and what-the-fuckery that I was feeling earlier today. I suddenly felt alive again and ready to write. I had a mission! I had something to say again!

As you know, we’re enduring a global pandemic. (I only remind you because in 10 years when you’re reading this we will have forgotten what a goddamned shit show we experienced.)

I think during this time it is important to remember to smile and enjoy the little things… the things we can enjoy.

We are more connected than ever before. This blog, facetime, live streams, social media, podcasts, and so much more. We can create, connect, and love one another.

Sure, we may have to keep our distance, but it doesn’t mean we can’t FEEL connected.

We are still doing all of our YouTube videos from the studio

I adore you!


3 thoughts on “Stir Crazy, Awesome Podcasts, And Staying Connected

  1. As an artist myself and someone who loves to be home, away from people on the regular, and not a crowd person AT ALL, I have to say that I’m going a bit stir crazy/cabin feverish. Not that I want to go out and mix with people either, but man I’d love to hit the market and not have to worry about if or will I pick up this virus and bring it home to my elderly father or aunts.

    You and Klee are awesome and I wish you good health always.


  2. So lovely to get this message. Love the what the fuckupery, comment. Lol. I got nuts today, got in the car and drive around. I waved hello at strangers with a smile. I was happy when I found local grower/ bakery/local homegrown organic / nursery store open, and went in, I bought fresh scones, a new house plant, fresh asparagus and rainbow chard. The sky was blue the clouds very white, the sun warm, the Hudson river, big and wide. I broke my keto diet and are two of the scones with coffee. I shared the rest with my brother whom I love with. I feel alive. I’m so grateful for you Rafi and Klee, after so much crazy news, odd theorys about stuff, and a desk full of in progress art. It was great to go out, act normal, cease the day, and come back to you, friends kind words. Be well and safe, and stay healthy, you are appreciated so much. Love, yours truely, Elicia Burton

    1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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