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Sometimes You Just Have To Be A Unicorn

So, not everyone can be a unicorn. Unicorns are mythical creatures who drink coffee in the morning and focus on the magic of life. Usually they are referred to as Pollyanna or someone who wears rose colored glasses. I take it back, EVERYONE can be a unicorn, but some don’t find it practical.  They think you have to keep your eyes open and live in the REAL world.

Honestly, the real world is just a subjective interpretation of what you see with your brain, the meaning you’ve attached to said items or circumstances is all you. Basically, we are all simply making this shit up as we go. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, it simply is the way it is. It’s the reason two people will argue two completely opposing views and both believe that they are completely correct in their argument.

I figure, if we are all just making it up as we go, why not just be a unicorn and make every day awesome.

I’ve been working on some pieces lately that are slightly out of my comfort zone. I’ve been interviewed on TV, in the newspaper and was asked to write a guest article for a magazine recently… Things like that are also outside of my comfort zone. Usually when I am doing something that makes me slightly nervous or is beyond what I think I can do, there is that voice of negativity that says,

“You know, you’re going to mess this up and make an ass of yourself.”

Luckily, my unicorn self is also there and says

“You’re going to be amazing, just be yourself and have fun… you’ll be great.”

That’s why I think, sometimes you just gotta be a unicorn.

My first SOLO art show, talk about shitting bricks. Luckily my unicorn self has my back.

My first SOLO art show, talk about shitting bricks. Luckily my unicorn self has my back.



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