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Rafi Perez Is Still Standing

So, I bet you are wondering why there is such a dramatic title to this blog post. The short answer is that I have been feeling a bit dramatic lately, don’t worry just a bit.

Rafi Perez

You ever get that feeling like you’re being followed around by a doom cloud that you just can’t shake, or disperse, or evaporate, or whatever it is you do to get rid of clouds of doom?

That’s how I’m feeling. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with winter blues, getting sick in the beginning of the year, along with a few other odds and ends that have added up. Either way, I’m not writing this post to lament my miseries upon you, that would be a waste of time.

Rafi Perez

I’ve had a lot of wins recently, and a lot of failures, supportive people in my life, and ruthlessly mean people that have called me vile things… It’s easy to downward spiral and feel more failures and mean people than ever. Oh yeah, and that my art is sucking more and more every day… that’s easy to do as well.

I’m writing this blog to share something with you, in case you’ve been feeling similar to me. I know a lot of people are under the impression that I never have these types of feelings, and that’s just not true.

Rafi Stressed

We all experience this stuff. We feel like failures, insignificant, or like an impostor in our own life.

It’s not whether or not we experience it or not, it’s how we handle it. Sometimes things are going to suck, and you may not like yourself or someone else very much. In those moments, it’s easy to forget that any other feeling exists… but they do.

Feelings like love, appreciation, confidence, happiness. Stopping and taking in that moment and realizing I’m still here, I’m still breathing, I’m still alive, and I’m going to rock this life thing. It’s remembering that no matter what is going on, you get to choose what you are going to focus on, and how you choose to feel about it.

Rafi Perez Sunset

Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting outside and going for a walk, anything, doing something to break the spell of the funk.

I’m still standing, and so are you… I mean, unless you’re sitting down, but even then you still rock.


3 thoughts on “Rafi Perez Is Still Standing

  1. Rafi,
    We all get down on ourselves or on others. Just know that you and Klee are loved. You both touch so many lives. Thank you! You are both awesome and inspiring!

  2. Rafi, You have the World by the tail right now. Keep Your head up & keep the paint flowing. That’s what I’m doing now, as you know my wife passed in 2016. Now 4 mos before Christmas the Doc’s tell me I have Alzihmeir’s (sp), I pay no attention to them, take my meds and keep pushing on. I figure if I give up the disease wins, so I say never give up, fight till the end, keep doing what you want and always look to the future. I still work the market (T&W) each weekend (sat & some sun), (bowl 2 nights a week, M & W), always pushing myself. Yes some days I have a problem walking and my memory stinks but if I take my time things work out. NEVER GIVE UP.

  3. Yes! I went through the same thought process a few days back. I decided I needed to get my head screwed on straight and woke up the next day feeling much better. After identifying and changing my negative self narrative of course.

    You rock!

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