Agoggles Sculptures – They Think You Are Amazeballs By Rafi Perez

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Finally! The biggest, yet smallest cheerleader you’ll ever need 🙂 These simple creatures are fascinated by you! Their little hearts are so full of love and adoration that they release happiness and goodness into any room. Agoggles! They Think You’re Amaze-Balls!! Read the description below for care instructions.

Agoggles - They think you're amazeballs
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Agoggles thrive in loving and happy environments. Like plants producing oxygen, Agoggles exhale joy happiness and excitement. Agoggles also love attention. They prefer to be placed in relevant areas where they can be excited about everything you do. Agoggle do not eat or produce waste, so they are rather easy to care for. What they do need, is someone to love unconditionally, and if you are reading this, it is probably you!

Agoggles are fragile and must not be dropped from a high distance, their little bodies cannot handle it. To clean an Agoggle, a damp cloth can be used, but they are extremely ticklish, so be prepared.

When I created these pieces I was thinking about my childhood and how objects would sometimes have a personality based on what face I thought it presented. With Agoggles, I went with the most basic design that covers a plethora of emotions. They are supportive, happy, excited, scared, or anything else you choose to see within their expression. We have several Agoggles that hang out with us in the studio and they are always supportive of any hare brained idea we may have.

* Name: Agoggles By Rafi Perez
* Artist: Rafi Perez (Each is hand signed)
* Size: Agoggles Are Approximately 1.25″ – 1.50″ in diameter (Due to the fact that these are handmade, sizes vary)
* Original handmade clay sculptures
* Style: Modern, Contemporary
* Certification of Authenticity attached If Needed.

If you have a particular request, please contact me.I have also created custom semi nude pieces and pieces based on a specific person per my collectors request. If you are interested in a specific custom requirement, such as size and color. If you LOVE my art, contact me we already have something in common… I LOVE my art too 🙂

Because of color variances in monitors, colors may not be exactly as they look on your screen. But I do the best I can to represent the colors I use with my photographs.

Notice: © All rights reserved Art by Rafi Perez
This original art may not be copied, printed, or used for any purpose without my written permission

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in


3 reviews for Agoggles Sculptures – They Think You Are Amazeballs By Rafi Perez

  1. Lorena Lamont (verified owner)

    I love him sooooo much! He’s got a place on my desk and in my heart! Simply adorable!

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  2. Tara Gardner (verified owner)

    I just love this little guy! And he came in a little box with breathing holes how thoughtful…. lol. I want them in clusters all over my house in different colors. Rafi we need a “family” bundle because having atleast 3 feels right.

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  3. kory anderson (verified owner)

    I think these little guys are great!! Hopefully my family does too cause that’s what they’re getting for Christmas this year! They arrived in these small little boxes with holes drilled into them. I’m debating whether I should wrap them or find tiny gift bags… wouldn’t want them to suffocate.

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Size Chart

Agoggles Are Approximately 1.25" - 1.50" in diameter (Due to the fact that these are handmade, sizes vary)