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Interior Designers Find Art Here

Art for Interior Designers. Bespoke, hand-painted art for residential or commercial interiors.

I understand some of the challenges faced by interior designers when it comes to sourcing appropriate artwork for your projects. Rather than spending increasing amounts of time sourcing existing artworks from shops, galleries or catalogs, you can now commission artwork exactly how you want it. In short, I turn your ideas into original works of art.


I can create any number of paintings for you, from a single canvas for a domestic interior, to the artworks for a hotel with 100+ rooms. Depending on the project, your paintings will generally take 2-6 weeks to complete.

All works are created to a museum quality finish, and to the exact size.


So, how does this work?

How I work is largely up to you. Usually, I’ll start by having an initial chat and discuss what you have in mind and the amount of wall space you’re looking to cover with artwork.


We can discuss the location and details, I will need as much info as possible.

– Size of The Art Work in Exact Inches or Centimeters.
– You might choose to supply fabric swatches, pantone numbers or Paint Color Swatches and Names.
– You might like to forward several existing designs or artwork that you’d like your me to use as inspiration.
– You May want one of my pieces, but with colors that match or complement your designs.
– The initial conversation is very casual, and we’ll go from there.


Once we’re agreed on all the details, I will list the piece with all the details of our agreement for your review. After a partial payment, I’ll get started on your piece.
From date of commission to delivery will take 2-6 weeks.


I’ll will send you photos of the artwork at various stages of completion if you request it. This keeps you up-to-date with progress and allows you to request alterations if necessary. Once you’ve given your final approval, piece will dry and then be delivered or shipped to the location you request.
All pieces are ready to hang. If you would like the pieces framed, that is also possible.

Let us know what you think

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