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Hurricane Irma Is Coming?

This morning I woke up in a slight panic as I looked around my studio and realized that I may be in the path of a powerful hurricane. If Irma heads towards Pensacola, I could potentially lose everything I have worked so hard for.


Of course, this thought came to me in a half state of sleep, having come out of a weird nightmare. In this dream I was holding on to my art table as I floated in turbulent flood waters out to sea with an elf who had been hiding in my yard for decades.

The truth is, when I think about it, the only thing that makes me nervous, is the idea that my home and art studio will be damaged. The fact of the matter is that Klee and I will be long gone if the hurricane comes anywhere near us.

I can always rebuild. I started my art career from nothing, and if I had to, I can do it again.

Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that.

For now, I stay hopeful. I send my prayers to Texas, and keep an eye on these new storms and prepare accordingly.

Please be safe everyone.



1 thought on “Hurricane Irma Is Coming?

  1. Great post my friend!

    We are in it with you. Mother Nature is unforgiving, but always brings new life. A vicious circle; Respect to the Mother.

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