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Downtown Pensacola Mural Is Finished… Kinda

Recently someone asked me:

“hey, did you ever finish that mural you were working on downtown?”

“Yes… Kinda… Well, I still have to varnish it.”

Mural Design By Rafi Perez
Mural Design By Rafi Perez

The mural is officially finished, and ready for your viewing pleasure, but I have to put the protective coating on it. I was going to wait until it got a bit cooler, but based on a recent text message I received, I think I’ll do it next week.

This is kinda how the message went:

James: Hey, I think someone kissed the mural.

Me: Haha, yes, she’s beautiful.

James: No, I mean someone put lipstick on the mural.

Me: What??


Now, I’m not worried about a little lipstick, in fact I’m kind of honored that someone would press their lips to my mural in adoration… but I should probably protect it sooner than later.

So, I’ll be out there around 10am on Friday, October 14th and rolling on the protective layer. The thing I am most looking forward to is the change in contrast that takes place when you varnish something. Deep colors get deeper, and light colors seem to glow, let’s just say, it’s going to look amazing.

To all my peeps in Pensacola, come see it after that date, it should be pretty amazeballs. To all my awesome interweb folks, I’ll take pictures.

I explain my reasoning behind the mural in this video, enjoy:

To view pictures of the mural process Click HERE

Thank you so much! You are awesome!


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