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Death is Not The End

This piece was created for someone who’s son passed away.

She has a special bond with him, and dragon flies constantly appear in her life to show her that her son is still there.

Her son’s inspiring wisdom also lead to the words and the name of this particular piece “It Just Is”. I think we can all learn from this wisdom when ever we start making a mountain out of a molehill.


My intent was to capture the connection we have with that stream of consciousness that exist beyond what we think we see. The fact that the only time we are not connected is when we feel the misery of missing someone we believe is not there. We simply cannot see or feel them because our focus is askew.

Well, that’s my belief on the matter of death, I think we are infinite beings and we have no end. We are all connected, always. Whether it is proven or true, doesn’t matter in my opinion because honestly it’s all relative.

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