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Art It Up, Like A Boss

Every once in a while I am reminded of how awesome it is to be an artist. Sure, we have our ups and downs like any other field of work. In fact, many artists believe that it is their unhappy periods that generate their most powerful work. This results in artists being moody, disgruntled, argumentative, aloof, and weird.

Of course, not all artist believe that you have to be sitting in the shower crying in order to find inspiration. I can’t create anything that I like if I hit a low point in my day, let alone crying in the shower. My personal way of finding inspiration daily is to remind myself how awesome it is that I create my art for a living. I call this “Arting it Up Like A Boss.”

You know, I’ll do the thing where I wear a hat and sunglasses, so I don’t get recognized by the paparazzi. Sure, I know they may not be looking for me in the first place, but hey you never know. Besides, I’m a creative, and I believe that the most powerful thing any of us have up our sleeve is our imagination.

Oh sure, it’s easy to say “I don’t have a vivid imagination and I’m not creative” but that’s bullshit. Next time you are picturing something going horribly wrong, and you are terrified to speak in front of a group, keep in mind that all that fear is coming from your imagination. The really cool thing is that you can use your imagination for good.

For example, I like to believe that I am making a huge positive difference in the world with my art. I picture all of these scenarios where people look at my paintings on their wall, causing them to feel good, empowered, or just happy. I keep that in my mind and my imagination when I’m creating a piece.

Why would someone picture people hating them or hating something they’ve created simply because of fear of fooling themselves? That just seems really stupid. The truth is, some people will feel really good and others will simply not like my art. The question isn’t “what is true?” there are a lot of truths, the question is “what would you prefer to focus on?”

As for me, I’ll focus on Arting It Up, Like A Boss!

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