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Art Creations For Your Inbox – No. 3

Happy Sunday! I start you off with an amazing quote I heard this week that made me smile:

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” -Marcus Aurelius

Rafi and klee
Rafi and klee

This week is the beginning of the holiday awesomeness for us. Which means we’ll be spending a lot of time in the studio. We also have a full schedule of festivals, shows, and some new creations in the works. Enjoy this weeks creations:

Rustic Hammer Textured Cuff Bracelets


“I love texture; how something feels to the touch and how a rich texture can appeal visually as well as physically. These hammer forged bracelets are full of the kind of rustic elegant textures that I adore.”


“There’s something that’s old world meets contemporary about them. And watching them take form as I’m creating them, it never gets old for me.” -Klee

The Deep Blue


“This is part of a series that was inspired by the calming music that came on Pandora in the studio. It just came to me, this image of the Blue Whale in the serene quiet blue of the ocean.” -Rafi

“Sanctuary” Garden Quartz Necklace


Garden Quartz is a fascinating variety of included Quartz crystal, with inclusions of different mineral types and colors which often resemble vibrant gardens or underwater scenes. Each one is unique, no two are ever the same. I call this the ‘sanctuary series’ because each one is like a personal secret garden.” -Klee

Quiet Passion


“The holding of the white rose to symbolize the quiet passion that flows through our inspiration.” -Rafi

Willow Tree With Blue Sapphire “Stars”


“This very thoughtful anniversary/birthday gift was an awesome commission project for some people that I love most dearly. I was happy to take on the challenge and create this willow tree with blue sapphire stars dangling above it. It has all kinds of number symbology represented within the design, and can be worn at three different lengths.” -Klee



” It never fails, show me a butterfly, and watch me stare in awe. This piece brings the magic I feel to life.” -Rafi

Have an amazing week! You are awesome! Remember to stay endlessly inspired by the stuff of life!

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