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Art Creations For Your Inbox 8


So, I’m excited to announce that we have some really awesome things planned for this year. And to begin our planned out year, I have a piece of art and jewelry for your inbox! But before we get into that, here is an amazing quote I would like to share with you:

To create one’s own world takes courage.” Georgia O’Keeffe


This quote really stood out to me. I agree, it takes courage. Because when you have your own mind telling you that you will fail, it is courage, that will cause you to tell it to “shut its face.”

Rafi Working In Studio
Rafi working in studio having an existential crisis
Ok, as I promised here is the art and jewelry! Enjoy!

“Periwinkle Ridge” Tree of Life Pendant Necklace by Klee Angelie

"Periwinkle Ridge" Tree of Life Pendant Necklace by Klee Angelie

One of a kind solid sterling silver tree of life necklace on a rare, genuine, gorgeous Tanzanite cabochon.

Tanzanite is a rare and highly sought after semi-precious gemstone prized for it’s color, which ranges from muted pale blues and violets (even browns reds and greens in some), to deep intense blue violet specimens. Named “Tanzanite” because it is found in only one place in the world – the Mererani Hills of Northern Tanzania, near the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is mined in an area only four kilometers wide, making it a very rare stone indeed. It formed around 585 million years ago, but wasn’t discovered until 1967.

I named this piece “Periwinkle Ridge” because the color of this Tanzanite stone is a lovely muted shade of blue violet periwinkle, and the inclusions in the stone remind me of a rocky mountain ridge. Since it originated near Mount Kilimanjaro, the look seems fitting. The stone is set on a hammered sterling oval backing with spiral detail and mounted in a very secure woven sterling bezel which flows beautifully into the tree design on the front of the stone. ”


You Are Star Stuff 24X36 By Rafi Perez

Power of belief by Rafi Perez

The universe expands as does our mind and potential. In a reality of light and dark, this and that, Yin and yang, we must decide to focus on our ability to believe in what ever we choose. We hold the power of the stars within us, yet our wandering mind could easily distract us from our ability to love, heal, forgive, and overcome.

This work of art is a reminder and representation of the power we all have within us.”


Have an amazing week! You are awesome! Remember to stay endlessly inspired by the stuff of life!

-Love Rafi and Klee


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