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Art Creations For Your Inbox 4

Some art for you, and a cup of coffee… it doesn’t get much better than that. I start you off with an amazing quote I heard this week that made me smile:

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. -George Bernard Shaw

I love this quote… I reinvented my life years ago, and realized that I didn’t need to find myself. As it turns out, I was there all along. I think I was too busy trying to find myself in other people and trying to be something I wasn’t.

So, I created the life I wanted, because I wasn’t going to find it sitting there, just waiting for me.

I also like putting myself outside of my comfort zone… Like painting live on stage in front of hundreds of people.

Rafi Perez Live Painting Vinyl
Rafi Perez Live Painting Vinyl Music Hall In Pensacola

Every year, I look at how I feel about my life, and reinvent myself a little. I think it’s an ongoing thing… The sweet adventure of life.

Anyhow, we’ve had a creative week in the studio. I just finished some pretty amazing pieces that will be displayed in a downtown Pensacola business.

Of course, the beautiful Klee has finished some amazing pieces… Probably because she’s a creative genius and all that.

Here are some of our creations this week:

“Harmony In Chaos” Woven Sterling Silver Cuff

Klee Angelie Jewelry

This is a redesign of one of my absolute favorite original designs. About eight feet of Sterling silver wire gets woven into itself to create this very random looking, yet harmonious flow. Eleven accent beads of 14k yellow/rose gold fill, and black tourmaline are nested atop the woven design like a constellation or shimmering pebbles in a creek bed. Eleven accent beads represent a balance, and eleven is my favorite number. Historically, within some belief systems, eleven represents disorder or chaos. Interestingly, within other symbolism it represents justice and balance, self awareness and spiritual awakening. So therein, we find harmony and chaos. It’s meant to look like something that could have been created by Mother Nature herself, yet you can see the human intention in the design as well.


Eight Sides To The Deep Blue

Rafi Perez Art

This is part of a series that was inspired by the calming sounds of the ocean.  It just came to me, this image of the octopus in the serene quiet blue of the ocean. -Rafi


“Silver Elm” Sterling Silver And Pyrite Tree of Life

Klee Angelie Jewelry

When I was creating this pendant, feelings of Autumn breezes, warm and cool color tones, and crisp fresh air filled my mind and danced through my imagination. Fall is my favorite season and this tree which seemed to whisper “I am a magical, strong and flexible Elm, favorite home to the elves.” Was a representation of everything I love about Autumn. It sits gracefully on a faceted pyrite stone, the “Stone of Luck” said to create good energy, good fortune and feelings of upliftment.


The Harmony Of Reason And Imagination

Rafi Perez Art

The numbers and Geo lines represent reason and logic. The combining of colors and lines represent imagination. The fact that you see a place in your mind, or even a story, from all that randomness is quite amazing. It’s imagination and reason, coming together… creating a world that lives only within your mind.


Have an amazing week! You are awesome! Remember to stay endlessly inspired by the stuff of life!

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