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Tree Of Life Necklace – 14k Yellow Gold Filled – Oval Cut Labradorite – “Autumnal Glow”

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  • This design is – one of a kind
  • Ready to ship in – 1 to 3 business days
  • Materials – 14k yellow gold filled, genuine labradorite
  • Please see description below – for detailed information and size chart


“Autumnal Glow” One of a kind 14k yellow gold filled tree of life pendant necklace on a genuine Labradorite stone.

This Labradorite is oval cut and shows a beautiful velvety array of greens, golds, and orange. The stone is set on a hammered 14k gold filled oval backing with spiral detail and mounted in a very secure woven bezel which flows beautifully into the tree design on the front of the stone. A delicate looking but very sturdy gold filled chain completes the design.

The tree is positively glowing amidst the colors of the stone, bringing to mind a warm, luminescent autumn afternoon with a bit of crispness in the air and the gentle touch of sunlight dancing across outstretched branches.

This item is one of a kind, you’ll receive the exact necklace shown in the photos. Necklace has been photographed from various angles in both indoor and outdoor lighting to to attempt to show all of the tones and colors it displays.


-Pendant measures 41mm (1 5/8″) tall (not including the top loop which adds about 1/4″), 27mm (1 1/16″) wide, and 10mm (3/8″) deep.

-The stone is a genuine natural oval cut Labradorite showing a lovely velvety array of autumn tones and very nice light play that Labradorite is known for.

-All of the wire is 14k yellow gold filled, carefully formed and shaped by hand.

-Chain is a 14k yellow gold filled 1.5mm width 28″ length cable chain with a hammered 14k gold filled hook and loop clasp. It looks delicate but is quite strong.

-If you would like a chain length other than 28″ or an alternate clasp option, please message me.

-Each of my Tree of Life necklaces are one of a kind, no two are ever the same. I absolutely love creating these and watching them take form. They always amaze and delight me with their unique personalities when they’re completed.


Labradorite is a mineral belonging to the Feldspar group, named after the Canadian province of Labrador, the classic locality of this gemstone. It is prized for it’s vivid rainbow of color play and it’s light refraction, known as Labradorescence.

Labradorite is considered to be a stone of protection, transformation, harmony and balance, enlightenment, and honest expression of one’s true self. It is said to strengthen intuition, impart strength and perseverance, and raise the consciousness of the wearer.


Gold-filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold, which must constitute at least 5% (1/20) of the item’s total weight, mechanically bonded to sterling silver or a base metal (such as jeweler’s brass). Gold-filled items are 5 to 10 times thicker than regular gold plating, and 15 to 25 times thicker than gold electroplate, making it much more valuable and longer lasting because gold-filled has an actual layer of karat gold, not just a microscopic film as on plated jewelry which is estimated to be 0.05% or less of the metal product. Most gold-filled is 12kt or 14kt gold-filled (I use 14kt for my pieces). Gold-filled does not de-laminate or peel like plated or “dipped” products. It is tarnish resistant and does not tarnish as readily as silver. Many find that they never have to clean gold-filled items at all. However, from time to time your jewelry may become dirty from everyday wear. To clean gold-filled it is best to use mild soap and water.

Thank you so much for visiting my shop! If you have any questions about this design or any of the designs in my shop, please contact me, I’m happy to help!

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1 review for Tree Of Life Necklace – 14k Yellow Gold Filled – Oval Cut Labradorite – “Autumnal Glow”

  1. William Ott (verified owner)

    It is beautiful beyond my ability to express in words how much I Love This Necklace You Created for Me. My season being “Autumn”, it is as if You knew Me while it was in Your Hands. I am open to the benefits of Labradorite, and wish to Thank You for Love and Care in Creation. My Birthday is December 26th. Sometimes I’ve felt it has been forgotten. The necklace was purchased this year for My Birthday Gift by My Husband, and it will be worn with pride because of it’s awesomeness. I am and will be forever Grateful for Your/My “Autumn Glow”. With Love and Friendship,
    “Good Day”
    Rebekah Ott

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    • Klee (store manager)

      Thank you Rebekah! Each tree I create is so unique and special to me, and it makes me so happy to know that you love and cherish yours!

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Size Chart

  • Chain is a 14k yellow gold filled 1.5mm width 28" length cable chain with a hammered 14k gold filled hook and loop clasp. It looks delicate but is quite strong.
  • If you would like a chain length other than 28" or an alternate clasp option, please message me.