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Nothing Is Promised Expressions Of Influence Original Wall Art By Artist Rafi Perez Mixed Medium On Canvas 24X30

Art By Rafi Perez

Expressions Of Influence is a series based on 100 people that have made some significant contribution to to the world and thus my career as an artist and thinker. They have left their mark on the world, changed minds, and were a catalyst for change.

These are people who changed perspectives, …


Art By Rafi Perez

With everything that we think defines us as separate from one another, the fact remains that we are all human. We categorize humans by status, color, race, ethnicity, wealth and separate ourselves into groups that oppose or gather with other groups. We define our importance by how we fit into the existing system of checks and balances, yet it is based on flawed premises.  The truth is that with as many differences and arbitrary beliefs we have had over the generations about each other, there is only one immutable truth, “Nothing in life is promised except death.”

* Name: Expressions Of Influence Series #2
* Painter: Rafi Perez
* Size: 24″X 30″X0.75″
* Original handmade Mixed Medium painting on canvas
* Style: Modern, Contemporary
* Certification of Authenticity attached

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Because of color variances in monitors, colors may not be exactly as they look on your screen. But I do the best I can to represent the colors I use with my photographs.

Notice: © All rights reserved Art by Rafi Perez
This original art may not be copied, printed, or used for any purpose without my written permission

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Weight 55 oz
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 5 in



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