Abstract Art Molten Patchwork original painting by artist Rafi Perez Mixed Medium on Canvas 24X36


Art By Rafi Perez

When I look I find what I am looking for. I find a void in the center of my being, feeling a loss of a sense of self. This void is immaterial, yet I have tried to fill it with things, it doesn’t help. I’ve come to realize that it …


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Art By Rafi Perez

When I look for my passion, I find a series of burning desires at the center of my being. This desire is immaterial, yet it devours my existence never satiated by what has been accomplished. I identify with the intricate patchwork of ideas, beliefs, and concepts that make me who I am. But underneath it all, the burning, the road traveled, the struggle of not arriving… I am a blank canvas that surpasses the road of my desires.

This work is designed to cause the mind to see images and illusions that may not actually be in the painting, and inspire a sense of calm contemplation.

* Name: Red Patchwork Series
* Painter: Rafi Perez
* Size: 24″X 36″X0.75″
* Original handmade Mixed Medium painting on canvas
* Style: Modern, Contemporary
* Certification of Authenticity attached

If you have a particular request, please contact me.


You can find out more about us and our awesome adventure at http://www.rafiwashere.com

Because of color variances in monitors, colors may not be exactly as they look on your screen. But I do the best I can to represent the colors I use with my photographs.

Notice: © All rights reserved Art by Rafi Perez
This original art may not be copied, printed, or used for any purpose without my written permission

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Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 5 in



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