#Inspireasmile Art Hunt 2018

Every year I try to do something special for all the amazing people that collect my art and others in my community. We’ve had open studios where I’ve printed out hundreds of prints to give away, we’ve also given stuff away at live paintings, and every once in a while I donate a piece of art to a charity for auction.

2018 #inspireasmile Art Hunt

This year we did our art hunt with an added twist. Not only did we have small paintings, but also had over 100 small inspirational drawings on magnets. These where placed all over the downtown area of Pensacola, with the new title #INSPIREASMILE, meant to brighten people’s day.

2018 #inspireasmile Art Hunt

This particular day (March 12th 2018) was very cold, windy, and dreary… So it felt nice to go out and inspire smiles.

Immediately people responded.

2018 #inspireasmile Art Hunt

This makes the projects list because it is a project that gets expanded every time I do it, and it is something I am very proud of.

It was an absolute blast and I can’t wait to see what awesome evolution happens next year with it! Enjoy the pictures of the cold and windy day where we brought a little sunshine into Pensacola.

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