Expedition To The North 2021

This one isn’t necessarily a project or exhibition, but it was the beginning of a new adventure for us. For years we had wanted to find our own place that we could turn into our very own creative playground. However, due to the fact that no one seemed to be willing to give a self employed artist a loan, we were stuck renting.

The situation at the place we were renting was becoming increasingly challenging due to space and other factors we wont discuss here. Over the years Klee and I saved our money little by little but it never felt like it was enough. The housing market in Florida was ridiculous, and honestly, we were looking for a change in climate.

We started looking north and found a cute little town that wasn’t effected yet by the housing balloon. So, we planned an expedition to visit several locations and make a move.

Rafi and Klee Expedition To The North

Honestly, we just went for it. The realization had finally hit us. Nothing was going to happen unless we made it happen. So, it was time to make things happen. We set aside a month to go on our epic adventure.

We recorded a full series of our adventure in house hunting across the country Watch full series below.

We Are Going On An Epic Adventure!
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