DIY Jewelry Displays By Klee Angelie 2019

Until now, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my jewelry displays. They go to shows, they get rained on sometimes, they get dropped on the ground, they get scuffed by jewelry, and generally take a beating. They have to look nice because they’re the backdrop for my very beloved jewelry creations, but I could never find any at any price point that were portable, durable, classy, and could take abuse for more than a few months.

Working on bracelet risers 2019 klee angelie

My old leatherette travel displays were beyond grungy and embarrassing, and I was getting ready to shell out an absurd amount of money on some wood displays that, frankly, I knew I was going to be disappointed with. I said “That’s quite enough, I’m going to make my own.” Rafi said “I’ve been saying you should for about 3 years now, lets do this!”

Working on necklace displays 2019 klee angelie

We started with necklace displays and Rafi was gracious enough to help me, even after I temporarily broke his miter saw with my project. The necklace displays turned out so awesome, I was then onto bracelet risers, earring displays, and eventually ring risers.

Bracelet risers completed 2019 klee angelie

In total, it took a handful of days and a bit of money and patience… but ladies and gents, this was SO worth it! These displays are solid wood, weighted enough to laugh off some wind, rustic chic as all getout, and they’ll last me for years and years. I could not be happier!

Necklace displays completed 2019 klee angelie

If you want something, and you can’t find it anywhere (or you can find it but it’s way too expensive), I highly recommend having a go at DIY-ing that thing. I sure am glad I did!

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