Delving Into A Sea Of Pearl Design 2017

I’ve been doing pearl stringing and knotting for quite a few years now, for my customers and for a couple of shops around town. I’ve become something of an expert pearl knotter and I really enjoy the process, it’s like a meditation for me.

Pearl Designs By Klee Angelie

I’ve learned a lot about them, about their nacre layers, how shapes are formed, why they form, and where different types originate. Pearls are mesmerizing, each one has its own unique characteristics, color, luster, shape, and so on. They’re intriguing gems from the mysterious world that is the sea.

Pearl Designs By Klee Angelie

Pearls are also tricky to buy and lots of research has to be done when looking for high quality ones. Especially when you’re a purist like me and you only want pearls that are untreated/undyed/consciously harvested/well documented… you get the idea. So, I was ecstatic when after much research and searching, I happened across a source for pearls that I can trust, that is reputable, that is passionate about what they do, and really… these people know everything there is to know about pearls.

Pearl Designs By Klee Angelie

So I’m expanding the pearl line that I offer into a full collection of designs, ranging from simple and sweet, to exotic and WOWZA designs. I can’t wait to see where it leads.

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