All You Need Is Love Chair 2017

This chair made it into our special projects page because it was a first for me, it is something that I am very proud of, and it was all for a great cause.

I was invited to create something new out of something old that will be something awesome for something that we all care about… all to help prevent child abuse.

This old chair that you see pictured here was converted into a work of art… This is for “From Blue To Better Campaign”.

Art Chair By Rafi Perez
Art Chair By Rafi Perez

This was a little outside of my comfort zone, I’ve never created an “art chair” and of course, my mind was trying to over think it with all kinds of elaborate plans, that are a bit ridiculous.

I then thought of letting the chair and what it would symbolized take over. I followed instinct instead of planning. I think it came out perfect. Check out the full project, plus where it ended up in the pictures below.



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