Murals By Rafi Perez

So you want to have a Rafi on your wall, but you don’t want it to hang on your wall, you want it to be part of your house, business or building. Like the old masters, Rafi loves creating large amazing pieces that will evoke that “Wow” response when someone walks into a room. At this time Rafi’s is not accepting all contracts, please contact with full details to be considered.

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Mural Pricing

The cost of a mural runs between $20-$75 per square feet, depending on complexity of the design.

Pricing includes:

  • All materials, although there may be an additional fee for specialized equipment or scaffolding needed for the project.
  • Travel within Pensacola. Traveling to areas outside of Pensacola will be calculated at $0.30/mile.

*Square Foot is determined by multiplying the height x width of the painting surface.

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Outdoor Projects – If you live in a rainy area or have long winters, there may be reduced time to execute the projects. Outdoor projects can adversely affect paint and either speed up or slow drying times, or worse yet freeze your paint and ruin it. Wind can carry spray or even droplets from brushes and rollers making you legally liable. I will do my best to compensate for these liabilities, but it will add to materials and costs.

Yancy Spencer By Rafi Perez

Indoor Projects – If the mural location is in a commercial area, I may only be able to work a few hours per day. This can seriously reduce production time. Certain paints can cause a number of problems and I will use paint that will work best in the conditions.

Graffiti Bridge Rafi Perez Child Abuse Awareness

Height – High murals can add considerable time and danger to a project therefore, I may have to pay a crew to install and remove the scaffolding, making sure it is secured to the wall, filling lag-bolt holes afterwards etc. Foot and automobile traffic below is also a major concern. There may be permits and street closures, this may add to your price or duties within the project.

Minimum commercial project fee: $2500
Minimum Residential Project Fee:$1000



A design fee of $250 is due prior to the sketch. This sketch fee is upfront and will get you mural designs and a mock-up of the space with the mural design -These are sometimes needed for approval of public and commercial murals.

A 50% deposit is due at least 3 weeks prior to the start date of painting (this allows ordering of supplies and scheduling). Full balance is due on the final day of completion.

Every project is unique. Please call or email me to discuss the specifics of your project in detail to get an accurate quote. Walls should have any necessary repair work done and be painted prior to the mural painting, this will help reduce the price. I will email you a proposal based on our email with a contract.

A signed contract is required

The buyer is responsible for all permits and approvals for public projects.

Email me by clicking the button below.