Rafi is a brilliant mind. His words are full of character, love, respect, and he truly cares about human beings. I enjoyed reading this book because it was an empowering book packed full of helpful information from his personal experiences. Most of Rafi’s experience and knowledge was very relatable.
It helped me believe in myself a lot more than I originally thought before reading. I can say with confidence that I am an artist! Yes, I believe it to be true.

Keri Shiells

A must-have for any aspiring artist. In this book, Rafi insightfully covers all the emotions and self doubts we all experience when stepping out into the spotlight as professional artists. Full of advice and positivity from the get-go it is an excellent addition to any artist’s bookshelf.


Rafi is an amazing human being. This is a great book for any creative. I can’t recommend this enough.

Melanie L

Great inspiration for any artist! I needed to hear the encouragement this book provided, thank you for reiterating all the reasons to never give up and to persevere!

Rhonda J. Young

This book is the best artist book I’ve read in a very long time. Rafi Perez has a wonderful writing style…very warm and friendly, open and honest…like your best friend talking with you over lunch in your backyard. He’s encouraging and insightful, and he “gets” his audience. The information he provides is outstanding, and I love reading my copy over and over, because there’s always something more and relevant to be found anew in the pages. I think it’s a wonderful book!

Abby Dioguardi

This book, Rafi and Klee have been lifesavers!! I can’t recommend this enough for struggling artists! It really changes how you see yourself and your place in the world!

Sam Reeves

This book is loaded with encouragement and advice on adjusting the mindset to be a successful (and happy) artist.

Honey Morrison

I’ve been a fan of Rafi for about a year now, so this is review is terribly biased. Love the point of view of a fellow artist who is blunt and serious and sassy and kindhearted. It all shines through.
The only thing I didn’t like was something the artist/author had no control over. I’ve listened to so many youtube vids of his in the background while I create (and my brain knew this was written by him) that I was reading it in Rafi’s voice. I DEFINITELY need the audible version now lol.

Chad M.

Books like this are extremely important. Artists with authority rarely give out any real information. I can only think of a couple of other artists that have produced anything of value when it comes to selling art or getting an art career up and going. Be very careful when selecting books that claim to teach you something about how to be an artist or how to sell. Always verify that the author has a real background in the topics they want to teach you about. Anyone that has successfully made a living as an artist can teach you a lot, but there aren’t many that are willing to spill the beans. It’s a good thing that Rafi wrote this book.

Ev Stanton

The book is chock full of honest and open-reflections by Rafi on his, and his wife Klee’s, art careers. I read the book (first read) last night and into this morning. I am going back into sections that I want to consider more deeply and carefully, this morning. Yeah, it’s that good. I think it’s worthwhile to buy for anyone considering making any move in their life that may seem radical to them… Not just artists! highly recommend.