Affiliate Store

These are links to online items that we use in our studio for video, audio, music, art, and jewelry production. These are items we use ourselves and recommend to other creatives who are interested. We are constantly asked what kind of equipment or materials we use, this is where you’ll find it.

Coming Soon! The links work below, but it is all a work in progress. Coming In April 2020.

We are constantly looking around for the best equipment we can use for recording our weekly Youtube videos. This page has the items that we use for our own production.

We produce a weekly podcast and also write music. This is where we share the equipment that we use to do our audio recording.

As an artist, I am always being asked what materials or equipment I use. Here are some links to some of the favorites that I use in my own art studio.

As a jewelry artist, I am always being asked which is the best equipment to use in my jewelry studio. Here is a list of some of the cool stuff I use in my own jewelry studio.