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That’s right! We Are “BETTER ON THE DRUMS!” These are the ultra snazzy musical projects of Rafi and Klee.

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Let Me Sell You A Dream Remastered – Our first album from way back is back and better than ever! we recorded this while we were traveling the country.

Klee’s Projects – These are a collection Of Klee’s musical projects.

It’s Been A Long Musical Journey

Some of you may already know that Klee and I have a secret band called “Better On The Drums” and although neither one of us plays drums, we thought the name would remind us not to take ourselves too seriously. Something you may not know is that Klee has been a musician for a long time and has an impressive resume, playing venues like The Double Door in Chicago or The Key Club in Los Angeles.

Klee first got on stage with her band when she was 19 years old and it was the first time she had ever put herself out there like that.

It was terrifying… I remember before going on stage the very first time, hoping some force of nature or unforeseen event would cause the show to be canceled so I wouldn’t have to face my fears. The terror and exhilaration of getting on stage though, the lights, the huge sound, the energy of the crowd… letting go and giving it everything you’ve got… there’s nothing like it.


Years later Klee met yours truly and we hit the road. My music career up to that point was strumming a guitar badly for a few months. I had always wanted to write music and play an instrument, and while we traveled the country we did just that. To say that Klee is the guiding force of our band is an understatement. She has inspired, challenged, and provoked musical things from me that I never thought would be possible.

For a little while there, as we were navigating the art world and being able to make a living from what we do, regrettably music took a back seat. Luckily our passion for music would not allow for that to continue. Join us on our journey as these two weird creatives play you some tunes that we hope will thrill you, inspire you, and make you smile.

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