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GOOD LUCK – Virtual Group Collab Lab Art Show – April 2020

This is an example of something that I am very excited about that is coming in September! This is a group show called “Good Luck” that we did in April. This is something we do with our Rogue Artists on Patreon. The Collab Lab is a challenge we do with amazing creatives from all around the world. This particular challenge involved working on our projects with our non-dominant hand. Enjoy the innovation. The next show will be coming in September and it is called “Shine A Light” and is quite powerful. In the next virtual show, There will be links to the artists, just in case you want to find out more about them. Enjoy Good Luck!

April Collab Lab – GOOD LUCK

  • Parameter 1 – Use your non-dominant hand (primarily).
  • Parameter 2 – Use a hair-brained idea you previously shelved.
  • Parameter 3 – Limit your materials to 4 elements – 4 colors, 4 notes, 4 ingredients, etc.

I chose watercolor painting, and letters because I knew for sure it would reveal the very limited abilities of my right hand. I swear I didn’t cheat.


Collab Lab May! This piece is to represent my second annual Inspiring Hope Art Hunt. Last year was my first year inspired by @Rafi I used green yellow and black paint with a palette knife and my cricut for the word hope. Used it like a stencil. I couldn’t paint a straight line with my left hand if my life depended on it. Lol.


I’m calling this “Going For It”. My “hair-brained scheme” that has been shelved multiple times is this… I’ve done these strange blue pen doodles for as long as I can remember. They’ve almost always been done on bits of scrap paper, my planner pages, etc. When I worked the desk at a local gym back in the day (5am shift) I did a hella-ton of them on my “phone call notes” pad. I cannot draw real-life stuff very well at all, but these creatures and weird things seem to come to life when I put pen to paper. I liked a blue pen because it forced me to work with whatever I did rather than erase (which someone like me would to endlessly) and also, something about blue pen represents my subconscious in a way I can’t articulate. The “hair-brained” idea was that someday, I’d show them to someone other than myself and Rafi… maybe even start them up again and actually put some of them out there. So… I did this one with my non-dominant hand, of course, and limited myself to 4 hours to complete it (I draw slow, even slower with my left hand it turns out). I finished it in 3.5 hours. Because of the uber crazy movements, my left hand wanted to do, I tried to work with how it naturally wanted to move, rather than try to force it to act like my right hand. I got kinda good after the first hour! I think I’ve rekindled the desire to follow this trail (with my dominant hand going forward) and see where it leads.


Hello everyone! Here is my collab lab project. It’s stained glass approximately 11” x 20”. It’s done with 4 colors and designed with my left hand as you can see by the random areas of wonkyness. It’s my interpretation of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I’ve always thought his whole painting would look so beautiful in glass but it’s always been too overwhelming to try it. I did try to work out a design once but gave up on it. Maybe I’ll try it again someday but for now I’m happy with this version


Here is my left hand painting of my nemesis rocks(must train left sided brain that things are different even if they’re in a row). Lol. My four colors were cad red med., cad yellow med. ,ultramarine Blue and white. And I also only used four different brushes.


Having one of Those Days, so you’ll have to settle for a screenshot (I filmed the process for youtube lol). Drawing was slow, but okay! I couldn’t paint leaves, so I just used the paintbrush as a stamp, p much XD Four paint puddles.


Left hand painting Complete. Wouldnt paint reality. Piece about paranoia . Definately no social distancing being practiced here.


Colors used green, white, black, and yellow. (Technically white and black are values but we’ll just call them colors) btw, the right side of my body is cramped up and I can’t get off the couch very easily… or move… or anything the RIGHT SIDE!


OK, not really feeling done with this yet – But, happy to turn it in now. I can see this growing as the muse strikes me. There will probably be glow in the dark paint and LED lights involved. I did have to put my personal mark on the face. I had an excellent model… The moon may as yet have to be adorned in it’s very own red bandanna. Yes, except for a few occasions that required power tools (not willing to risk fingers!), all the rest was according to the rules. By the way, this is all reclaimed wood from around my yard. It is VERY VERY heavy. I was thinking wall and then I though better and put feet on it. My four elements were: reclaimed wood, recycled plastic, acrylic paint, and glue.


Well, if nothing else, the challenge made me realize 4 things; how far I’ve come with some of my skills, how distracting doing what is expected can be (important reminder), that I may want to spend more time with pastels, and finally, how important it is to just let go when it feels right! Thank you, what a great first challenge!. P.S. I chicken pecked this with my left hand.


This is a tossed away project/idea when I first started painting. To me, it was cray-cray… so, I’ve now painted it over with my left hand and attempted to abstract it to challenge myself to not be so in control. 4 colors are Bright Aqua Green, Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Primary Red and Carbon Black.


My good luck art collab. Piece…my process isn’t nearly as exciting as others i felt so other than stabbing my self a thousand times…using weaker hand wasn’t that bad…i just used raw wool (it still had the pills in it) and a string of fairy lights. During the say it kinda looks like an alien cocoon but I do like the glow at night.

Wicked Fiber

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