Tips For Artists

My Name is Rafi Perez and I am a fine artist, my wife Klee Angelie is a jewelry designer, and this has been our career for the last decade. We have been sharing videos about our art career and art tips over the last few years. We try to give practical, real advice, and try to bring fun back into the trials of navigating an art career.  

Back when we started our careers as full time artists, Klee and I decided that if we figured out what we are doing, we would share that information with other aspiring artists. We have bumbled, succeeded, failed, and prevailed over and over in our career, and all of it was a teachable moment for us. I talk about the things I wish someone would have told me about and answer your questions as honestly as I can. 

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We have a Youtube channel (Rafiwashere) where we share our free tips, insights, stories, failures, wins, projects, and more on being an artist full time. Watch Us On Youtube.

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Patreon is a membership platform in which people are able to subscribe to additional content and behind the scenes. To see exclusive can become a supporter for as little as $1 a month. We have a podcast, private forum, and exclusive access to a bunch of information. Go to Patreon and find out more

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Fun And Happy, in other words FAPPY! You can thank my son for that word, and I can thank you so much for this! You get my absolute appreciation and love! And:  

  • You get access to my Patron only feed. Sketches, photos, doodles, art, ideas, polls and works in progress.
  • Monthly Newsletter Podcast – We will update you on life, art projects, what we are up to, content we are working on and more, once a month.
  • Access To Extra Info On Rafi’s Tips For Artists Youtube Videos. Download a PDF document I use for my notes with additional facts, and detailed notes, plus additional information that may not make it into the video. 
  • Get Exclusive Behind The Scenes Footage Via Patreon Lens
  • Exclusive Access To Our “Awesome Goods For Artists” shop where you will find discounted clothing and other artists goods. Designed for artists by us.

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THIS IS SP-ART-A!!! I know, that was terrible. But you know what isn’t terrible, YOU being so awesome and doing $4 a month. So we decided it should be something awesome, you get everything above, and more.  

  • Everything In Let’s Get Fappy Plus- 
  • Full Access To Rafi Radio Art Rambles, Art Tips, And More Podcast (Total of 2 a month) Along with our monthly newsletter you can hear these on your favorite podcast player on your device. 
  • Random Reference Photo – Every month I will post 1 reference photo that you can use for your art. These will be random, in fact it may be pictures of us posing (Weird, I know, but we’re artists, so we can’t help it) if you want some offbeat ideas for your art, these will definitely be offbeat.  
  • Watch Early Releases Of Videos   Watch Special Edition videos 1 day (sometimes several days or more) earlier than the rest of the world! These Will Be Ad Free during early release!
  • Patreon Exclusive Video – You’ll have access to short Patreon only videos that I will randomly post unedited and raw, these can be about art career tips, our music, personal thoughts, or random stuff.  

$9.00 A Month (Plus Everything Above)

Woah! You’re giving us $9 a month? That is so awesome! That’s right, I’m not known for my painting tutorials because I am absolutely horrible at them, but I am going to be doing some crazy art tutorials using techniques that are not normal. Plus, we’ll get to talk about it in a private group!  

  • Everything In Let’s Get Fappy & Let’s Get SpARTan Plus-
  • Follow You On Twitter And Instagram Klee and I will follow you on twitter and Instagram and say thank you on there! As long as you stay positive we will follow you!  
  • A personal Thank you message from us! Access To A personalized digital signed THANK YOU Awesome Artist Certificate from Klee and me, that you can print or download.
  • 10% OFF Reusable Coupon on all art and jewelry in our online store. These codes will change periodically and you will have access.
  • Patron Only Monthly Q&A Live Stream – you will have exclusive access to hang out with us in the studio via live stream once a month. Bring whatever questions you may have and we’ll try to answer them on the spot. 
  • Talk To Us! with Patreon-only discord chat Once a month we’ll chat with you on discord, where we can give art critiques, career tips and generally chat more about anything!
  • Long Patreon Exclusive Video – You’ll have access to a long video of me creating art with a voice over, I’ll talk about the techniques I’m using, thoughts about my art career tips, our music, personal thoughts, or random stuff.

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Woah! You’re giving us $25 a month? Well, Let’s hang out and talk about art! It’ll be a bunch of us, let’s call it an art party! 

  • Everything in all other Artist tiers (FULL ACCESS ABOVE) Plus-  
  • 15% OFF Reusable Coupon on all art and jewelry in our online store.    
  • Let’s All Hang Out Let’s all hang out and talk about art, I will set up a google hangouts every month and we can all talk about art, being an artist, and art career stuff for an hour or so, bring any and all of your questions (it may run a little longer) Only ten will be invited per hang out. We will meet monthly Tuesday at 7pm (CST or GMT-5 or -6 Depending on daylight savings time). If there are less than 10 people, then it will be a smaller gathering. You will be assigned a group when you sign up. at this time there is a limit of 40 patrons for this tier.
  • Come Out In My Next Video – I will be recording our hangouts, so I may use some of those conversations, with your permission of course.
  • List Your Website Link On “Artist Friends Of Rafi And Klee” page on our website. Access t sign up for Forum and fill out info in profile, and I will add you to a public page on my retail site.
  •  “Let’s Get Together!” Exclusive Access To Our Private Forum You will have access to our private forum, where you will have exclusive access to both of us. We get a lot of emails asking advice that we can’t get to or go to a SPAM folder. This is the best way to get in touch with us and ask general questions about your art career.  
  •  Yearly “SURPRISE!” Gift  – Once a year we will put something together with special goodies, and who knows what, just for you! (Must be a “Let’s Get Together!” patron for at least 1 year to be eligible)    
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This is for collectors, supporters, and major followers of our art and jewelry. You have been following our career as artists for years. You are now officially a patron collector of our art. Which means you will get exclusive collectors perks on the Patreon feed.

  • Everything In Let’s Get Fappy, Let’s Get SpARTan, and Let’s Get Creative! Plus-
  • 20% OFF Reusable Coupon on all art and jewelry in our online stores.
  • Limited Edition Exclusive To Patreon Signed Artwork – Once a year you will receive a signed work of art by Rafi that will not be released anywhere. (Limited Edition Exclusive To Patreon Artist Enhanced Print On Archival Paper 16X20 textured With Certificate Of Authenticity) Must be a patron of this tier for at least 7 months to be eligible.


A patron of the arts is someone who acts as a patron to or supports charities, organizations, and individuals that work in or concern the arts. This would be you, becoming a patron of our art. We would take your generous patronage and pour it all into creating bigger and more ambitious creative projects.

You get all the same rewards as the art collector, and nothing else really, but you will also have the status of knowing that to us you are like  Peggy Guggenheim,  Dorothy and Herb Vogel, the National Endowment for the Arts, Queen Elizabeth,Charles Saatchi, and others throughout the centuries who have supported artists in ambitious undertakings and gripping works of art. 

Artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, William Shakespeare, Michelangelo, and other creatives have all relied on patrons in their time to keep things running smoothly, and add to the financial capabilities of the limitless imagination of the artist.

You would be that to us… We will always be grateful 🙂

We look forward to growing a relationship with you and having you be a big part of our art career. Listen, you will get rewards, but it would be too personalized to list, it will be based on our relationship with you. 

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